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person who doesn't eat meat?

I'm doing a research, anybody know who is a person who doesn't eat any meat? this is in Buddhism/Hinduism.

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    A person who doesn't eat meat but eats eggs, butter, and milk is a vegetarian

    A person who doesn't eat meat and also doesn't eat products of animals (as described above) is a vegan

    You realize that the Jains, a religious sect of India, not only are vegans, but also only eat fruits that have fallen from the trees--they revere even plant life and refuse to take it.

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    I'm Buddhist, vegetarian going on vegan... if you're interested in an interesting take on vegetarianism check out they have a list of reasons why it's a good choice. Buddhism just teaches us to not harm other sentient beings and using and abusing animals for food is doing just that... however there are some Buddhists who eat meat, either because they have to (medical reasons) or want to... either way it's a personal choice and I look down on NOBODY based on their choices.


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    I haven't eaten meat or flesh since 1970. Maybe if you're doing research George Bernard Shaw would be more interesting for you. Avoiding flesh is taught by Hindus and Buddhists, but also Seventh Day Adventists. I just think eating flesh is gross. It struck me that way from when I was six. I had to wait for a few years to make my own food though.

    BTW I am an Anglo-American.

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    I choose not to eat meat, because in a Western society it entails causing unnecessary suffering to animals. If Iived in a different sort of society it might well be necessary to eat meat in order to be healthy, but in mine it isn't.

    The clincher for me was working in an operating theatre. Many surgeons use a diathermy which burns rather than slices flesh, so as to reduce bleeding and speed healing of wounds. It results in a smell not unlike that of a barbecue.

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    I don't eat meat. Many Buddhists are vegetarians to lessen the pain and suffering in the world. The Buddha only ate food given to him though so he did not feel right turning down meat as long as it wasn't killed just for him.

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    Adolf Hitler was said to be a Vegan. But, that wasn't why he had issues though. He had other health problems and supposedly an STD. Maybe he was just possessed?hmmmm.

    Here's a negative site for u.

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    It's a person that has some weaknesses.

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