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I'll state this hypothetically: if our gov't was behind 9/11 would you want to know?

Its an honest question and its simple. Ok, so pretend for one second that i am not a conspiracy nut job....would you honestly want to know if our gov't was involved in 9/11?

Calling me a conspiracy nut etc. is not an answer

These expert in physics, engineering etc. believe it was...think about it...

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  • Ted S
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    I'm not calling you a nut. I know it was an inside job. If the govt. isn't hiding anything, then why are they hiding everything. We get 5frames of whatever hit the Pentagon(couldn't be a 757. The manuevers it performed couldn't be done by a commercial airliner, too small of a hole, the few remains were small and light enough to be picked up by hand and the one turbofan from the engine is way too small to be that from a Pratt & Whitney engine which is 9ft in dia.). The fact they said it vaporized(which would be a first in aeronautical accounts, the second being the plane that hit in PA), yet were able to recover DNA samples from the passengers. The fact that all videos were taken away from various places in the area. The fact that the Pentagon has surface-air missles on base that couldn't fire or something.

    The point being, there's way too many questions that the Government is not answering and continue to refuse to do so. There's a bunch more sights and a lot of documentaries to show more evidence.

  • Anonymous
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    I would want to know. There are more sources, with well documented events and resources that you could also have mentioned.

    "The 9/11 Commission Omissions and Distortions" by David Ray Griffin

    "You're Not Stupid! Get The Truth" by William John Cox

    Both are available at BN and Amazon.

    Theories are often debunked. Copurnicus had a hard time convincing people in his day of his theory that the world was not flat but was round. But an Italian sailing for Spain was necessary many years later to finally convince people. What it will take to prove your theory, who knows? Certainly enough resources have been offered for the curious knowledge seeker. Those with closed minds will still state the world is flat even after proven round but their numbers ultimately dwindle. Have faith.

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    YES I WOULD WANT TO KNOW.BIG TIME.I beleive that any thing that the goverment know we have a right to know too. We are not any different to them we are all curious human beings looking for the same answers ,thats why this is such a good site.People want answers.What gives 1 man the right to know something and not another .What happened to freedom of speech and knowledge to all.GREAT QUESTION BUT ITS MADE ME ANGRY.Is that what the goverment fear ?Because theyv already succeeded that 1.Were already angry arnt we.

  • Matt
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    We already know who was behind 9/11. They've admitted to it! You're a conspiracy nut because you believe all this nonsense. If it's so obvious, why don't you spend the rest of your life proving this conspiracy. If it's so clear cut, this should be easy for you.

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  • meany
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    How DARE you're saying that? you think of that our government homicide all those harmless people because of fact they had to demolish some homes? you're actually unwell! till now you decide directly to start criticizing our government, take a step back and picture. you're fortunate which you should even state this submit here with out annoying approximately what you're asserting--many governments in different aspects of the international do not provide that luxurious to their voters. As for all this "suggestions" which you're spewing, have been you there? Did you witness those activities different than the recap? For BBC, did you think relating to the time zone distinction. Or are you basically recapping some thought you stumbled onto that's not yours. the two way, it somewhat is largely a tragic, disgusting cry for interest. And in simple terms what retired gernerals are you conversing of? have you ever soke to any of them? have you ever informed your "thought" to them? If there are terrorists working our government, why do not we learn of mass graves or mass deaths or organic and organic weapon epidemics? after all, different "terrorist" governments had no situation hiding a number of those information--quite pondering how the rustic's media might swarm to the tale. There are thousands of world places that have had "terrorist" style of governments. Hilter's Germany, Stalin's u.s., Uganda with this is distinctive dictators, center jap worldwide places, african worldwide places, south american counties, cuba--such dissimilar. you're fortunate to have the capacity of speech which you do. be chuffed approximately that. people who think of this government is ineffective and stupid could desire to flow to a various united states of america, then see the way you like it there. the place women persons have little rights, the place there is little voice interior the folk--think of roughly that. do not insult the lifeless and positioned their deaths down as a central authority plot. They DIED--not because of government diabolical plot yet for the rustic that they lived in, enjoyed, and guarded!

  • Pfo
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    1 decade ago

    I would want to know, yes. Who benefits from keeping this secret given your hypothetical situation?

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    that's why I've examined the evidence including those sites and others and have come to the conclusion that the official story is correct

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Many engineers and scientists put their heads together and explained what happened to the twin towers and all that crap. I'm guessing you neglected to read all that because it proves your theories wrong.

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    Yes I would. secrecy is the first refuge of a despot.

  • 1 decade ago

    YES. I would want confirmation of something that we all suspect !!

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