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Results of political acumen tests 3/4?

Apparently, the day crowd is smarter than the night crowd.

Hillary and Barak both have the same qualifications:

Both have served one term in Congress. Barak has also served in his state legislature, and Hillary has limited administrative experience with corporations (serving on the boards).

Most of you said "nothing", and that is pretty close.

The president is called upon to administer the functions of all the cabinet members. They are they chief diplomat, the commander in chief, the chief American security officer, the head of all law enforcement and intelligence, etc.

Normally, a congressmen should have at least served on an intelligence committee, foriegn relations committee, armed services committee (Hillary is there now), etc. These positions at least serve to INFORM a candidate as to currenet events.

Of all the congressional candidates running, New Gingrich is the only one with these qualifications. In their absence, voters usually elect former governors.


Governor Bill Richardson served as Secretary of Energy. Governors also have foreign service implications (such as immigration issues and international commerce issues).

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    the odd thing is... most governors don't have much access, that I am aware of, to the things that those committees, that you deem needed, would have access too...

    so... wouldn't they both be equally unqualified?

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    Hillary is actually on her 2nd Senate term now. In her campaign I haven't heard her mention her Senate record, not has Obama mentioned his. Kind of makes me suspicious.

  • 1 decade ago seem to have conveniently left out the fact that Gingrich is an ex-con.

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