Anna Nicole Smith...will her soul ever be at peace???

When will Anna Nicole Smith's and Larry Birkhead's webpages be open for viewing again? I like learning as much about them as I can. Both now and before Anna Nicole and Daniel's way too early passing. And can someone just cut Larry a break? Get the paternity test done and so much of this issue could be laid to rest. And I mean literally laid to rest. Both Anna Nicole and Daniels souls can be set free. And I think that the whole world should know exactly what happened in the Bahamas. With so many questions and issues that have been raised, how can there not be criminal questions asked of Howard K. Stern? In my opinion if they would have just expedited the DNA testing and establing the paternity of baby Dannielynn, then that would have made the burial a whole lot easier. Anna Nicole only wanted to be in the Bahamas because her son was there, but throughout her life, she wanted to be buried "next to the stars". So have her wishes really truly been carried out??

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    Her soul was at peace the minute she died. She doesnt have to suffer anymore. Its too bad what has happened. She didnt live a perfect life, but none of us do. I dont think Howard is the father. I do hope that Larry is, BUT I wont be suprised if he isnt. She was with many different men, so I guess we will see. I wish they would hurry up. I have followed all the news on the case too. Im also very interested in the whole story. I think her wishes have been carried out. Shes with her son, thats the main thing she wanted. AND, I do think Howard will be investigated. More and more dirt will come out on him. If he isnt investigated, there is definately something wrong with our system. In my opinion, her life went down hill from the day she met him.*

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    Personally in my opinion her wishes have just began to be meet. Remember that Anna ran to the bahamas to get away from Larry! And Howard K Stern has only done what she has wanted.

    So Anna had her son burried in the bahamas as she planned on living out her life there to stay away from Larry. However now that she has passed I think the biological factor should be found out. however remember Howard will always be involved in that babys life... he is the head of the will.

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    Well if you ask me the media is putting way to much energy into her life and death.Its not like she was an important part of history or anything like that.I am so sick of turning on my TV and her sorbid life is on every channel.She lived and she died.Nothing special about that.It happens to all human beings.Only difference is the way it is all over the media.Enough is enough.It is really none of our business who is the dad to her little girl.She did not even know herself.Why should we.It is between her,well now just between the men she slept with not her anymore.Well I have had my say and now I am going back to watching the life of John Denver that I was lucky enough to find on TV tonight.Now that man gave and left behind something that will last forever.His talent and wonderful music.How refreshing..............

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    Will her harmless toddler ever get a honest shot at a common healthful existence, in spite of each and every little thing the medicine Anna contaminated her with during the preganancy? Did Daniel have a common healthful existence, or did he stay in a house full of medicine and a mom who replaced into screwing a million/2 of Hollywood real decrease than her son's nostril? Did her infants get what they deserved????

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    Her mom is a selfish, greedy, uncaring b!atch of a woman. No wonder Anna wanted nothing to do with her.

    Howard and Larry will work out the paternity issues, I'm sure of it. I think Howard is an alright guy - he was just doing what Anna wanted him to do - in life and in death.

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    I beleive that they should find out who the baby's daddy is and let the woman rest in peace. Imagine when DannieLynn gets older. She is, at the moment, the most famous and talked about baby. Everyone knows who she is and what she looks like and they all want to know who her daddy is. Why? It is truly none of their business. I beleive that this is a tragedy, and the media has only made it worse.

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