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best pf currently in the nba?

her a list








J Oneal



R wallace


D howard


let get it straigth rigth now.

all the player i ahve on this list r pf if they no on the list mean they play a other postion or they not good enough to be on this list like gooden frye and other player like that second melo and marion dont play pf they r sf

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    Yeah so I believe the best PF is KG. Some would dispute and say that it's Dirk or Duncan but I say KG. Just think for a second... If KG was on a halfway decent team like the Spurs or Mavs then which ever team he was on would no doubt win the championship. KG is the most complete player and he can pass, rebound and obviously score. If he were to leave Minnesota then the T'wolves would be like the Celtics of this year... (Probably Worse...) If the spurs or mavs lost Duncan or Dirk then they would still be pretty good teams.. Maybe not great but that's what Duncan and Dirk do for their teams, makes them "Great" But if KG were to go to one of those teams, He would make them almost Unbeatable!!!

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    The all around best Power Forward in the Game right now is Keving Garnett. He does more (solely) for his team and single handedly leads them to victories and the postseason a couple times. He has never had any talent around him at all and has to carry his team more than the rest. He is a better rebounder than all of those guys, a better scorer than all of them (except dirk, and maybe amare).

    I think that Amare and Dwight Howard have the potential to be better with time. I think Tim Duncan is the most fundamentally sound PF in the game (but he plays as a center more of the time) Bosh, Boozer, Pau, Wallace, Randolph are all great but not super to the level of the rest. (Odom is a SF). Although Boozer is having a breakout year, he's not well-established enough in the league. This year, the answer could very well be Dirk but he has a lot more talent aroung him then the rest of the guys (except Amare maybe) which makes it easier for him to shine, although he still doesnt rebound, block, assist or shoot at higher percentages than KG (all the things you NEED your pf to do). He's like a 7 ft. shooting guard.

    Brand would be a close second to me but all around, i still would take KG any day over the rest if i was building me team!

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    Currently, the best forward in this list is Dirk Nowitzki. This is because he is the catalyst of the Mavericks. Evrything goes through him in the Dalass playbooks. Wighout Dirk, Dallas would be an average team. Dirk has been posting up great numbers this season, too. I think the loss to Miami last year really fueled him up to be a better player. He is showing that this season.

    You could make an arguement for the other forwards in the list. You'll only find out that they are not the ones carrying their teams or that their teams have a mediocre record. Dirk is contributing greatly to the development of his team.

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    First off to an earlier post Shawn Marion isn't a PF he is a SF. I want to say Randolph `cause I'm from Indiana and that is his home state. But to go with the best of the choices I would have to say Dirk. He can drive, shoot, and defend. He is more complete out of all of them.

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    Okay...for the dude that said Mello...come on son, he's not even a Power Foward!

    The best true Power Foward right now is Brand. KG, Timmy and Dirk are sort of tweener Fowards. Don't play with the traditional "Power". They tend to rotate anywhere from SF to C. ONeal, Amare and Howard are PF playing predominantly Center. I feel Okafor is stuck doing the same thing too. Quality 7 footers too few and you have guys playing out of position these days.

    KG is the best player still(I feel Amare and Howard are almost there)...but Elton Brand has taken the title of the Best Power Foward over from Chris Webber, who took it over from Karl Malone, who took it over....etc

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    Definitely Duncan and Dirk, depending on what kind of player you want on your team and to the dope who said Melo.....he's barely a small forward. Also, I really dont think you can have Amare on the list b/c he is really a small center not a PF

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    Shaun Marion

    Dirk Nowitzki

    Elton Brand

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    so... you're saying not in line with legacy, and additionally you %. a guy who's averaging 15 and 9? in case you propose in a a million on a million situation, Dirk. hes unstoppable. in case you decide on a guy who can artwork with out the ball and make his complete group extra advantageous offensively and defensively, it must be Pau. Amare is a beast, yet he performs no protection. and he has 10 turnovers according to activity...

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    I love the list but you have to go with Tim Duncan for one reason.... Hardware. KG would have this spot if he had the hardware to match his talent.

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    Dirk Nowitzki. He is on the best team.

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