Can we blame Judas from betraying Jesus?

I'm reading bible last night and this thought come to my mind. Jesus knows that He will die in the cross and somebody (which is Judas) will betray Him. And it was said also that from the beginning that this is the destiny of Christ. I just thought that if this was planned by God then all of the people involve should not be blamed for what they have done coz its the will of God. Its like a script i which the actors are just following. Do you think when a baby was born that his/her destiny was written already in heaven. meaning if somebody kill himself, he is not liable to God because it is his destiny. Please enlightened me on this. I'm not being sarcastic...i'm just merely asking a question. Thank you!

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    No more than we can blame ourselves. We're all sinners.

    Perhaps Jesus, seeing Judas' nature or propensity to betray

    prompted him to act upon that potential to serve a greater purpose. The same applied to Peter in denying Jesus.

    Foreknowledge made no difference - both Judas and Peter did what they did anyway. Fates you can't defy it seems.

    However, if you consider that we're allowed to make choices,

    IE., to exercise "Free Will" then the strict notion of "Destiny" falters. Perhaps, "Free Will" is a Divine gift which allows us to define and express ourselves as individuals.

    Because God knows the outcome doesn't invalidate or destroy the manifest authenticity of our experience. That's his gift to us and part of his Plan. Those with the gift of Prophecy are party to some of that insight. The fact that they often warn us shows we can change the outcome, it's really up to us what we do.

    Like you, I've thought of life as some great enactment in God's eyes where we're the actors, only that we find ourselves on a set with an incomplete script, and proceed to define our own characters and improvise along the way. Food for thought maybe.

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    If you read the Bible , you must tace care that the other books (where you can find interpretations)are not the Bible , so they can make mistakes.

    So God only planned that Jesus come and make miracles and make people return to God. So what is evil is not planned by God. If you read the Bible you can see that is written that satan entered Judah because he was unfaithfull. So God doesn't send us demons . The demon gains powers over us if we are not faithfull.

    God didn't plan that priests don't believe Jesus is the the Son of God and kill Him, God didn't plan Judah betray Jesus .

    BUT God knew that this will happen because ''from two birds falling on the Earth -God The Father know about each of them''(said Jesus)So God knows the future . Only humans ''anticipate ''the future . God knows everything even what colour of shoes I will buy ...

    So we can blame Judah for not being faithfull , but the priests who decided that Jesus must die- are more guilty..I guess.Anyway we must forgive them all.So let's be happy.

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    nice q as ur trying to find the basics of life whats happening around does its predictable r predetermined.if u ask s it is .i heard this from guru y u were not supposed to ask this r that with god is that nature had predetermined in some way.if u want to change it u can u can design ur destiny.(this was the ans i got when i was continusly asking what i need the most) gur said that want the life in ur way u go on asking god r guru, if sometimes they say s then ur in trouble as it might not be right for u and suffering starts with what u want.but its not that u cant change u can,as u do u think jesus does he is unable to change things on his favour . no its not as such .is that even god has to suffer no.did jesus suffered no he wasnt he accepted everything so he wasnt in pain, sorrow.he does not change anything but he stayed as unaffected by the pains. he stood as an example to how to live in hell siuations.well v have the way either u throw urself to god and accept passively(its not u have u have no other go so u accept)r try 100% in acheaving what u want.if it does help fine r else throw it

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    God foreknew what would happen. That does not necessarily mean he forced it to happen. God cannot force sin to happen. He knew, before the beginning of the world, how Judas would react to Jesus' love and what he would do, and with this knowledge he used Judas act of betrayal to do perform His sacrifice.

    I think that when a baby is born, God already knows what will happen in that child's life. However, that does not make the child a robot. Just because God knows before hand the choices we are going to make does not mean that he makes them for us.

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    I think it was sin, and it was his choice. Jesus knew his heart but didn't force hime to do or not do anything (freewill)\

    I believe Judas may have even thought he would force the hand of Jesus (thus causing him to act in power over romans and pharisees) by facilitating the confrontation. He realized and was tormented by his folly afterward, but appeared to choose suicide over repentance and a spiritual rebirth.

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    Good question. It hurts my brain. Was Judas born to betray Jesus...?

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    did you know that Judas repented from betraying Jesus!! but he took the wrong path by kill himself. he had the power to say "no I did wrong but I'm going to repay what I've done" instead he committed suicide!! Free Will"

    It's true he was chosen to betray Jesus!! but after he did that, he was giving an opportunity, but he did not realized it and took the wrong way he chose to kill himself!!

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    Jesus is sitting at a table and says "one of you will betray me" Everybody is shocked and asks who will do it. Jesus says "the one who I give this cup" The he walks over to Judas and gives him the cup and says "now do as you must"

    If that doesn't sound like an instruction I don't know what does.

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    Alot of debate goes into wheather people have free will. The Bible states that certain things are predestined. I think this is one.

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    Sounds like Judas' role was pretty clear.

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