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What do these USAF / DoD acronyms break out into? On the left is the acronym or unit... see below, TIA?

653d AESS/EN = ?

653d AESS/MZ = ?

653d AESS/EN-CM/DM = ?

653d AESS/PK = ?

653d AESS/FM = ?

653d AESS/LG = ?

577th AESG/YN = ?

677th AESG/TS = ?

516th AESW/EN = ?

ASW/EN = ?







46 OG =?


AFOTEC Det 5 =?




AFFTC 412th TW =?


653d AESS/EN = 653rd Aeronautical Systems Squadron / Engineering

653d AESS/MZ = 653rd Aeronautical Systems Squadron

653d AESS/EN-CM/DM = 653rd Aeronautical Systems Squadron

653d AESS/PK = 653rd Aeronautical Systems Squadron / Contracting

653d AESS/FM = 653rd Aeronautical Systems Squadron / Financial Management

653d AESS/LG = 653d Aeronautical Systems Squadron / Logistics

577th AESG/YN = Aeronautical Systems Group / Propulsion Systems Squadron

677th AESG/TS = Aeronautical Systems Group / Tower Simulation System

516th AESW/EN = 516th Aeronautical Systems Wing (Mobility) / Engineering

ASW/EN = Air Sustainment Wing / Engineering

HQ AMC/A7PC = Headquarters Air Mobility Command / Type Certificate Data Sheet No. A7PC

HQ AMC/A7VQ = Headquarters Air Mobility Command / Environmental Compliance Assessment and Management Program

HQ AMC/A5QL = Headquarters Air Mobility Command

AETC/A5TO = Air Education & Training Command

AETC/A4MM = Air Education & Training Command

Update 2:

AETC/A5RF = Air Education & Training Command

46 OG = 46th Operations Group

NAVAIR = Naval Air Warfare Center

AFOTEC Det 5 = Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Detachment 5

SURVIAC = Survivability Vulnerability Information Analysis Center

ASC/SB = Aeronautical Systems Center / Small Business Office

ASC/SESS = Aeronautical Systems Center / Systems Engineering Standards and Specifications

AFCA CTTA = Air Force Communications Agency Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority

AFFTC 412th TW = Air Force Flight Test Center 412th Test Wing

559 CBSS/GBMAC = 559th Combat Sustainment Squadron

Update 3:

The remaining unknown include:

653d AESS/MZ







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    These are specific military unit designations, and only part of them may be acronyms.

    In the case of 653d AESS/EN:

    -653d refers to a specific unit - in this case Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

    -AESS is a type of organization and in this case stands for Aeronautical Systems Squadron. (AESG would be Aeronautical Systems Group)

    -the letters after the / refer to a specific office within the AESS. These letters after the / are office symbols, a code that refers to a specific place within the organization. There are hundreds of these codes and they are not necessisarily consistent across organizations. However, in the In the Air Force, CC usually means Commander. LG usually means Logistics. DO usually means Operations. XP usually means plans and programs. If you need to know the office symbol, try to find the unit's organizations chart online. You'll notice that the longer the symbol, the deeper into the organizational structure it is.

    Getting back to an example from your list, in HQ AMC/A7PC:

    - HQ means Headquarters

    - AMC means Air Mobility Command

    - /A7PC is the office symbol

    Your examples beginning with AETC stand for Air Education and Training Command and should probably be preceded by HQ.

    If you take these symbols apart and look at the individual sections, you may find their meanings on

    For example:

    AFCA stands for Air Force Communications Agency

    AFFTC stands for Air Force Flight Test Center

    Det stands for Detachment

    Here's another resource you might find useful:

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    ACS offers a class to translate military talk for family members. You should go, if you can figure out what and where ACS is. And you can't go unless your EFMP is done!

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    No help here. . .

    But there is a GS-14 guy at the Pentagon, whose sole job it is to make these acronyms up. The sole criteria is they must NOT be easily interpreted.

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