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V for Vendetta?

Who thought the film was rubbish?

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    Some of your respondents have missed the point of the movie

    It is not rubbish.

    V stands for 2 things in this movie:-

    1) The Roman numeral 5 which was his cell number in the experiment to create the virus

    2) His vendetta against a sitting government that used him as a guinea pig to create a virus that helped to quell the masses and bring everyone under the government's thumb.

    Some of your respondents called it rubbish because they believe it can never happen. The same thing was said about the holocaust.

    Also some of your freedoms are also under seige just not as blatantly as in the movie.

    A)In the movie- vans were outside recording everything that was being said and then analyzed to see if anyone was having dissenting thoughts about the government. In real life, you have the warrantless wiretaps in the U.S. The government claimed that it was to look for terrorists but there was no oversight of the program to make sure that was all that was being done vs. it just being a hunt against people that spoke out against the government.

    B)In the movie, people were picked up off the streets, called terrorists and imprisoned or killed as the talk show host was and the people who were experimented on were not fit for society but it included gays, actressses etc. In real life the Patriot Act allows the government to enter your home, take things and never even leave an inventory list of what was taken and by whom. You can be placed on a terrorist watch list for absolutely no reason at all just based on what someone thought they overheard you say. You can be thrown in jail with no given reason other than a " possible" enemy combatant and not be charged for years.

    The new Military Comissions Act of 2006, states that this billed can be used on any person, not a terrorist only, anyone that is deemed a terrorist. That person is given no recourse to prove their innocence, this means absolutely no access to a lawyer. They will not be able to see the " secret" information that is used to put them in jail.

    C)In the movie, the government created a virus which they used on their own people to control them by scaring them. They told the people that terrorists had released the virus and that there was only one pharmaceutical company with the cure ( a company controlled by party members which made them obscenely rich). They had to give over total control of their lives to the government to protect them from further attacks. Thus the brith of totalitarianism in the future Britain. In real life, we had 9/11. Everyone rallied around the flag. "You are either with us or against us", " Osama bin laden dead or alive". Give me your freedoms of speech and civil liberties, I'll keep you alive and safe.

    People can't wear a shirt that disagrees with the president, they have been arrested. People can't have dissenting views on their cars, they are being fired. This begins the birth of totalitarianism in the U.S. The government relies on those of the masses who say that they are not doing anything wrong, so they have no problem letting them listen and invade their privacy. It just allows them to chip away at your basic rights.

    Now don't get me wrong, I firmly do not believe that the government had anything to do with 9/11 other than the fact that they ignored information provided that could have, if not stopped it, mitigated its magnitude but the rest is what is taking place right now.

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    This is a bold movie with a strong story and script and absolutely outstanding direction.

    V is not for Vendetta. It's a prison cell in a dystopian future civilization where experiments are conducted on live humans.

    The idea of a terrorist-as-hero is bound to stir controversy and debate. For, as we have learned ... one man’s terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

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    Come on it wasn't that rubbish.I didn't like Natali Portman but the rest film was O.K.Maybe if you see it again you will find some things that will like you ex. the story and the actor who played V(I don't remember the name)!!

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    Total rubbish .

    The 5 of November is Guy Fawkes day. Guy Fawkes tried to bomb the British parliament and failed , so they hanged him. The reason V tried it was because the name he adopted was the roman numeral 5.

    The vengeance part I understand but why blow the building up?

    classic case of ignorance on the writers part

    and they topped it of with a bad fight scene .

    good thing V died!

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  • It is one of my favorite movies.

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    I liked the movie.It's not rubbish.

    you need to see it again,Dear!

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    eh it was alright but they did sh*t all over the source material.

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    No, it is one of my favourite movies.

    HTH : )

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