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Can anyone tell me where in southwestern Virginia the settlers from Fort Germanna moved?

The German/Swiss settlers came to Virginia in 1714 and more in 1717 to work silver mines. When this went belly up and their time for indentured service was complete, most moved to southwestern Virginia. It is also possible that some moved into northwestern North Carolina. This the part i am really interested in. Thanks in advance, scotishbob

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    There's already an organization trying to track their migration.

    There are a lot of folks of German descent in southwest Virginia and North Carolina--Deels (Diehls), Counts (Koontz), Kiser, Reedy (from the German Ridi, not the Irish)-- but without specific lines to trace, it's hard to say exactly where they went. Grayson County, Virginia and Ashe County NC would be my first thought, along with Watauga and Yancy.

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    I see the web site has already been posted...

    I have ancestry from that group... and the persons doing the work on the web page are among the BEST researchers I have ever run into.

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