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how do i get my adult dogs registered with a k c?

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    If your dogs came from an AKC litter in the first place and you have their AKC papers then you can register them with AKC. If you have no paper work for each dog then you can't register them at all.

    AKC now has online registration so just go tot their site.

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    I am going to make this short because this question get ask a lot.. you can only resister a dog thru AKC if both parents were register and the owners gave you the litter papers for your dog.

    If you know any information about the mother and father like their AKC number you might be able to call AKC and talk to them.. But with out the papers of you dog it is not likely this will happen.

    Source(s): Breeder of Shih Tzu's
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    Any kennel Club or the AKC?

    To register with the AKC you must have paperwork from the breeder.

    To register with the other registries you would have to look each up. I don't know how much meaning that will have with each different registry, you can decide that your self from their sites.

    They are:

    American Pet Registry APRI

    Continental Kennel Club CKC (different than the Canadian Kennel Club)

    American Canine Registry ACR

    United Kennel Club UKC

    There may be some more that are not coming to me at the moment.

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    the dog has have to had be registered as a puppy..

    the breeder has to order the papers on the litter and then give you some paper work to be filled out and sent back to akc..if your dogs breeder didnt reg the litter then no you cant get papers.

    if your dog is fixed you can get a ilp number and the dog will be able to compete in certen akc events..check out

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    I don' have any dogs, but I do have 2 pedigreed Maine Coon cats. The way you get your pedigreed cats registered is that the breeder sends you paperwork to fill out with the name you've chosen & you send the paperwork & fee into the Cat Fancier's Assoc. & they then send you the papers for your pet. Not sure if it's exactly the same with dogs, but hope that helps. good luck!

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    If you don't have AKC "LITTER REGISTRATION" CAN'T!!!

    AKC *might* allow an ILP on an ALTERED(spay/neuter) dog-for entry in performance events ONLY! Takes work & $$$.

    Go to their site at & READ the instructions!

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