Moving tips?

I'm going to be moving in about two months. It's my first time moving and I was hoping somebody could give me some good tips on staying organized and doing it efficiently?

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    Being the wife of a Military Man we moved alot. The military packed and moved us but when we retired and moved it was all on me and...One bit of advise I can give you is to get yourself a spiral notebook and when you pack up your belongs number the boxes. In your notebook next to the appropriate number list some of the items in that box. Then when you get to your new place and you need that special something you can check your list and find the right box to look in. It will save you time and frustration from opening many boxes looking for that item. Hope this helps..

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    Get different sized boxes. Put heavy things in the smallest boxes ( like books) Put light things in the bigger boxes. Make sure that you can close the boxes so that they can be stacked. Use packing tape. Put your drinking glasses and dinnerware in a box surrounded by your dish towels and dish cloths and bath and hand towels. Clearly label each box with permanant marker as to where you want it to go in the new Place. Anything very important or priceless pack in a suitcase that only you handle. Pack things that are seasonal first. Like holiday decorations that you won't need until months after the move. Throw out or donate anything you haven't used in 2 years. Have everything packed the day before the move. Invite lots of people over to help pack up the truck. And order Pizza,Subs or Chinese to feed them all. Good Luck.

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    Pack one room at a time. Once that one room is done, you can use that room to move full boxes into as you pack the rest of the house. Pack all like things together as much as possible. Label every box and be specific in the labels.

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    Don't make boxes too heavy. You won't be able to move them, and you might even break the bottom of the box open when you pick it up. You can take string and tie a bundle of books together and move them like that. That way you have a built in handle and don't need a box.

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    Put everything into labelled boxes, by room.

    So put your clothes in a box marked something like <your name>'s room, clothes and the kitchen dishes in a box marked kitchen dishes. It makes moving a lot easier. And you can keep your boxes moved a certain way, like in groups. If you move all of your bedroom things first then all of your living room things it keeps things simpler. Or if you're moving in just one trip try stacking boxes in your moving truck(s) into categories as well.

  • 1) Boxes - the perfect sized box is paramount! If it's too big, it can get too heavy and be awkward to haul. Too small and you can't fit anything in them. The perfect box can be found where paper is used in mass quantities - it's the boxes the paper comes in (10-12 packages of paper per box). They have lids, can be stacked, and are the perfect size. I have begun taking ours from work already and I don't move until June! Plastic storage totes are great too (if your budget allows) as you can always use them for storage after.

    2) Labelling - Label you boxes with contents. It makes unpacking sooo much easier and you're not searching for important contents. Also, movers can put them in the appropriate rooms when they bring them in. Buy large labels from stationary stores or masking tape will do as well.

    3)Pack like items together to simplify. Kitchen items together, bathroom items, bedroom, etc.

    4)Have enough packing tape. Buy at least 8 rolls. If you don't need them you can always return them, but it's better than running out on moving day.

    5) Start saving newspapers to wrap breakable items. If you not get the paper, ask someone you know to save theirs for you.

    6) Keep a cleaning package together for moving day.

    -1 full roll paper towel, 1 bottle liquid disinfectant (Mr. Clean, etc), several cloths/cleaning rags, a pail, a step ladder or step stool, a box of kleenex, 2 rolls toilet paper, handi wipes (accidents happen, be prepared).

    7) A flat of bottled water. You get thirsty on moving day as will any helpers you have. Easy snacks will be good too (granola bars, energy bars, cold pizza). Nothing makes moving day more stressful than being tired, cranky and HUNGRY.

    8) If you have furniture with removeable legs (kitchen table, couches) do that in advance, especially if you are paying movers by the hour. Anything like that which slows them up will cost you more money!

    9) Start packing 4 weeks before you actually move - those items you don't use. That ugly vase from Aunt Hilda, trinkets that are out for show, etc. Doing it in stages makes the task less daunting and saves the last minute rush the few days before.

    8) Allow enough time. Take the day off before you move (if possible) to ensure you are adaquately prepared. Nothing is more frustrating than getting off work at 8:00 that night and moving at 8:30am the next morning!

    9) If using professional movers and you are single, make sure you have someone there with you that day to ensure they are working. One set of movers tried to charge me more hours of moving time to move the same amount of stuff DOWN 2 flights of stairs to he truck on a nice spring day as the previous movers did hauling it UP the stairs, on a -35 winters day, icluding a 1 hour drive as well!! In short, some will try to rip you off if they can. I showed them that the other movers did it in 4 hours (which included loading the truck from the first location, driving 1 hour and then unloading) - I still had the receipt. They tried to ding me 5 hours and that was just moving it down to the truck and then to the storage space it was going to (2 kms away)! I refused to pay any more than 3 hours labor and got my way! Likely would not have happened if I had someone there!

    Best of luck. I hate moving but with proper organization, it can be much less stressful!

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    Lots of great advice here. I'd add a few tips:

    -use plastic grocery bags to wrap your kitchen items (newspaper leaves messy newsprint on your dishes. and everyone has tons of these bags lying around.)

    -set one box aside to be packed last and opened first. In it put a radio so you have music when you're unpacking at your new place, tools so you can assemble stuff at your new place, *phone*, pen and paper, packing tape.

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    1.Make your reservations for movers two to four weeks before your move day.

    2.For large appliances be sure to check your owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.

    3.Pack a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the last thing added to the truck.

    4.Make a “survival closet” of things for the last cleanup before you move out – broom, dust cloth, dust pan, mop.

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    Make sure you organize everything in boxes, and maybe label those boxes. Don't take anything you don't need with you, because that will just take up room.

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    boxes and labels for each room--u can't go wrong like that

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