why do a lot of people say so many negative things about muslims?


like, a kid in my history class was talking about a president and he said, "for a while people thought he went to an islamic school when he was little and wanted to become a terrorist, but they found out it wasn't true and everyone relaxed." a lot of kids laughed. and kids always say that muslim (especially in like iraq and pakistan and stuff) always blow themselves and each other up. you know, no one says anything about sri lanka, and that's where the highest rate of suicide is!

if islam was just a religion about violence, why would it be the fastest growing religion? and it's not just because muslims are having babies, but because people are converting to islam.

AGAIN, I'M NOT SAYING YOU'RE LIKE THIS. i'm just asking for your opinion about why you (possibly) or others think like this.



are people really so weak that they let themselves get influenced by the media without knowing anything at all about the religion?

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    because they are ignorant to anyone's beliefs other than their own

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    It's a case of the few giving the majority a bad name. For many people, the only information they have about Islam is the coverage of terrorist attacks. Not knowing any better, they generalize this to all Muslims.

    At least a few sects of Islam are religions of violence, and they get the most media attention and exposure.

    Islam is the fastest growing religion because it is the most evangelical. No other major beleif system is quite so enthusiastic about spreading the word.

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    The real problem is that people always get the negative message about other religions. When we constantly see stories about catholic priests molesting children and getting away with it and arab children turned into human bombs who do we have to blame? The difference between faith and religion is that faith is suppose to heal and uplift the soul. Religion is about money and power. The extremists in all religions make their living off people's fear of death. They ignore their teachings to kiss the butt of politicians to pass laws to create a society under their own twisted visions, and justify their ignorance and bigotry with scripture. We have only ourselves to blame. It's VERY hard, especially in school where kids mostly have no balls and only want to be like everyone else, to take a stand and stand up for something positive. Why not try to talk to your teachers to see if they can bring in someone from a mosque, who does not have an extremist leaning, to teach what islam is really about? You could also try getting a catholic priest and christain minister in so that they all can find things in common in their faiths and maybe work together to spread positive messages about them without trying to convert anyone. If you cant do this you can always keep reading about these faiths and learn on your own. Keep doing good to others no matter who they are. Good luck, stay safe, use your brain and heart and peace!


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    You have about a 5% nut-case fringe of terrorists, a 5% educated, peaceful, low profile segment that are the good Muslims who fit in a free society, and a 90% group of floaters who condemn terrorists, but will not do anything to stop the terrorism. It is pretty easy to work with the good 5%, but the others are a big question.

    If you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

    Source(s): Having Muslim friends, enemies, and "acquaintenences" of whom I can't classify.
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  • Hi there... I am muslim... I think this negative attitude has a lot to do with how media projects islam and muslims... when words like 'terrorists' and 'islam' are used in one sentence.. this is likely to happen. When Qur'anic verses are quoted.. they are quoted out of context... When a terrosrist happens to be muslim, then all muslims are said to be terrorists (paint everyone with the same colour)... Unfortunately, people see, hear and believe all this. But, fortunately, there are many sensible and intelligent people who understand things in true light and dont blindly accept things put to them... and more Fortunately, there are thousands of people who want to know the TRUE ISLAM... who dont perceive and associate Islam to the few suicide bombers claiming to be muslims, not the few crazy terrorists who happen to be muslims, not the bigoted fox, sky, cnn etc news channels... and by God's grace convert to Islam, by studying the Qur'an to get the true picture of Islam...


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    that's where the Bush adminstration and Media owners need public opinion to be, they could turn Americans to love Muslims and hate some other group if they wanted.

    The media is compossing a masterful script in a way that gives the viewer a imaginary world filleed with evil Muslims who want to kill, kill, kill.

    If they wanted the majority to love Muslims, they would simply broadcast Muslims doing good over and over again, which is closer to the truth.

    Its call Misinformation. Its been done since Adam and Eve.

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    They are brainwashed by their media against islam ! Peoples have gotton too lazy to know and search the things on their own but would prefer media to quote and believe .this is a misery....and unfortunatly the westren media is agaisnt Islam for some reasons, and most important reason is as their governaments are involved in attacks on muslim countries so they actualy want to get the favour of their public by spreading such propaganda that muslims are evil and terrorist while i think those are terrorits who invade other countries for ecnomic purpose but unfortunatly this is Media age......Muslims are victimised and they are accused...this time the victims of mass killing in the world is muslim community and still they are blamed for terrorism.Acts of few ignorants are generalised for muslims communtiy only while the terrorists from other communities are just terrorists and they are not christain,,jews of hindus......that is hypocricy of this world and media !

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    examine the scriptures (quran and ahadith) to boot because the earliest sira (accessible from amazon). placed all that you examine and understand into one neat kit and then reread the lot in context, position and time. then you definately may favor to re-evaluate what you revealed. Muslims could properly be reliable and some undesirable besides the undeniable fact that the middle of the problem is mohammmed and his quran and what he claims and says contained in the ahadith. Is all of it the reality ? there is in reality one accessible carry about case you do as .stated above. stop listening to what muslims inform you about islam. Islam isn't what scholars, mullahs, sheikhs, imams, youtube video clips and internet internet sites or maybe different muslims inform you. it truly is what the scriptures say, practice and ordain for and to muslims. John

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    Islam is under terrorist attack to ,People who call them self's terrorist,hide behind a religion.Cowards.We had problems with the Catholic Church and child molesters ,again a religion under attack because it ruined people lives.We all have extremes in our lives,again bad people hiding behind something that is good.

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    There is a declared war on. Islam is the common identifier between, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and all those other places that matter for oil. The ENEMY must always be demonized. Sorry, but that is how propaganda works. It was the same during the Vietnam war when the war was on against "commie gooks" who supposedly were "baby murdering atheists." and terrorists instead of freedom fighters, Totally unlike the friends of the west who became the Khmer Rouge.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Less than half of the muslims are extremist or share their views. Unfortunately that percentage stands out a lot. Even though muslims (not being one myself being Jewish) don't all hate us, Israel and the USA their less than half percentage express their views to max capacity. Don't be racist against Muslims. Hate only those who hate us.

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