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any ideas for my " book " ?

im writing a series of short stories about a currupt, gang infested city ( like sin city ) and the adventures of the people, im having writers block, any ideas?

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    Spend some time filling out a character sheet on several of your main characters. It's not something that would appear in the text itself, but can be a really useful exercise to flesh out your ideas on why a person might behave a certain way.

    I've done this several times and often discovered that I didn't know my characters as much as I thought I did. Sin City works so well, not because of the setting, but because of the characters that we become invested in.

    The site below is simply one sample. You can adapt the sheet to suit your needs.

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    Maybe you could write about a group of people in the city who fight against gangs and violence. You could show 'both sides of the


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    how 'bout "Gang City"

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