Why do republicans not want to negotiate prescription prices with the big drug companies?

Let me get this straight....Republicans are all for lower taxes so they can save money, yet when it comes to negotiating prescription drug prices, they say it's bad. I think this is BS. To me, this sounds like someone has their pockets lined by the big drug companies.

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    U.S Veteran hit the nail on the head, to further emphasize that point, look at tamiflu.

    Tamiflu is produced by a company called Roche, which is one that Dick Cheney is a major share holder in, however the Patent for the dug itself is held by a California based company called Gilead Sciences Inc. This company has Donald Rumsefeld listed on the board of director since 1988. Given the widespread fear of the Avian Flu Pandemic (which by the was kills less people than ailments such as polio, malaria, TB and other diseases which we think to be a non threat in the western world annually) every body was in line to load up on Tamiflu.

    Not that I am screaming conspiracy, more like well executed marketing plan.

    However it emphasizes the fact that the Pharmaceutical companies are eager to make a profit of the fear, and paranoia of the American people. Drugs are over prescribed. A child energetic and creative, now suffers from ADD. The "DANGER ZONE" for cholesterol levels has been decreased. There is a pill for everything and we are told if we don't pay the price we are doomed.

    Pharmaceuticals are one of the largest industries in America and therefore hold a lot of power both socially and politically. They are only concerned about their bottom lines. WE will be fed information that the prices are needed to further research treatments and cures, the prices reflect the specialized nature of the drugs. We are told that importing medications from Canada will create a public heath crisis, and Canada doesn't have the same high standards as the USA.

    All of that is complete BS. Canada has different patent laws, that after 7 years a company can no longer hold the rights to a medication. Thus generic version can be marketed. This not only forced companies to stay n the cutting edge of research it also gives the consumers a break when it comes to price. Canada actually has stricter guidelines when it does come to marketing prescriptions drugs, one being that there is no way to expedite treatment thought the test phases (unlike the USA, so drugs that make it to the Canadian market have gone through more rigorous trial periods. It is frustrating in the respect that the latest treatment is not always available, however it is in the interest of public safety.

    What it all comes down to the the bottom line of the companies, thing like generic drugs, limited patents and fair pricing models cut profits. It leads to an unfortunate system where the rich get richer and the sick get sicker. It will not change as our nation is run by the rich, they are more interested in seeing their portfolios reap maximum profit than they are in public heath.

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    One of the core beliefs on the Republican side has always been the concept of a free market economy. Prices for any product should be set by the market and not by government.

    It is true that the pharmeceutical lobby is large and contributes to both parties. But those in the pocket's of trial lawyers and insurance companies are just as complicit. Like gasoline prices, which are always blamed on Republicans, a sizeable chunk of the drug prices paid by the consumer includes surcharges to cover the enormous costs of liability insurance and patent protection.

    It's always easy to blame big, bad businessmen and their Republican buddies...but trial lawyers like John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are equally to blame because their philosophy has been about getting their cut, rather than reducing all-around costs.

    The only way to reduce health care costs without lowering quality of service would be to eliminate the Health Care lobby on all sides.

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    Because drug companies are big business, and many Republicans hold stocks in the huge Drug Corporations, so if they negotiate for lower prices they lose.

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    You have answered your own question. The Drug lobby is one of the largest in Washington and provides a lot of goodies for those politicos who keep their hands off. Another proof that many of our elected officials only go into politics to get rich...they don't give a tinklers dam about you and me.

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    The drug companies are paying them not to do this as they would lose money on the deal!

    Source(s): a realist!
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    Greater drug company profits equal greater campaign contributions to those whose agenda includes greater drug company profits.

    What's not to understand?

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    Where do you end the Gov control of prices?? I personally don't want the Gov involved in 1/2 of what they are already involved in. I want them to stay out of it, thats not why we put them into office.

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    Ever heard the term, "You get what you pay for"?

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