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Larry Birkhead Question.....?

I was watching a movie on USA this morning and all the sudden in the backround I saw a man like to me looked exactly like that Larry Birkhead guy.... I've seen him on TV for months and I am almost 98% sure it was him as an extra in "How High".... it was in a scene outside Harvard Law School. It will drive me nutts until I know for sure. Anyone know if it was him or not?

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    I doubt it, he is a photojournalist.

    "Larry E. Birkhead (born 22 January 1973)[1] is an American entertainment photojournalist who was in a custody battle with Anna Nicole Smith. Birkhead is a native of Louisville, Kentucky,[2] and currently resides in Burbank, California. Birkhead is a 1991 graduate of Doss High School in Louisville, and has a twin brother, Louis, as well as two sisters.

    Birkhead and Smith initially met in May 2004 at the Barnstable Brown Gala,[2] one of the major Louisville-area Kentucky Derby parties that attracts many celebrities.

    [edit] Claim of paternity

    Amongst several men making paternity claims, including Howard K. Stern, Mark Hatten, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt and Smith's former bodyguard Alexander Denk, Birkhead believes he is the father of Smith's infant daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. Smith claimed that her attorney and boyfriend Howard K. Stern is the father.[3] When Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8, 2007, Birkhead filed an emergency order to get custody of the child, his attorney Debra Opri told CNN.[citation needed] Larry Birkhead has the support of Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, in his claim that he is the biological father of Smith's five-month-old daughter, Dannielynn.

    Birkhead appeared before Judge Larry Seidlin to give testimony at the proceedings to adjudicate the remains of Smith, and was compelled to provide information about himself, including his income. He revealed that a year before the conception of Dannielynn, Smith had been pregnant with his baby and miscarried during the first few weeks of pregnancy."


    Cast of How High;

    Method Man ..... Silas P. Silas

    Redman ..... Jamal King

    Obba Babatundé ..... Dean Carl Cain

    Mike Epps ..... Baby Powder

    Anna Horsford ..... Mamma King

    Fred Willard ..... Philip Huntley

    Jeffrey Jones ..... Vice President

    Hector Elizondo ..... Bill the Crew Coach

    Lark Voorhies ..... Lauren

    Al Shearer ..... I Need Money

    Chuck Davis ..... Ivory (Ghost)

    Essence Atkins ..... Jamie

    Chris Elwood ..... Bart

    T.J. Thyne ..... Gerald

    Justin Urich ..... Jeffrey

    Trieu Tran ..... Tuan

    Dennison Samaroo ..... Amir

    Tracey Walter ..... Prof. Wood

    Spalding Gray ..... Prof. Jackson

    Amber Smith ..... Prof. Garr

    Kathy Wagner ..... Intellect

    Alicia Leigh Willis ..... Intellect

    Patrice Fisher ..... End Table ***

    Sacha Kemp ..... Hella Back

    Scruncho ..... Baby Wipe

    Garrett Morris ..... PCC Agent

    Scott Lincoln ..... Crackhead

    Alem Brhan Sapp ..... Jamaican

    Erica Vittina Phillips ..... Internet Date

    Irene Roseen ..... THC Woman

    Dwayne Kennedy ..... Israelite

    Jimmy Judah ..... Israelite

    Pat Finn ..... Army Recruiter

    Michael Coleman ..... Priest

    James Reese ..... Agent

    Rob Nagle ..... Agent

    Judah Friedlander ..... Student

    Joe Ochman ..... Ben Franklin

    Leontine Guilliard ..... Mamma's Friend

    Roz Browne ..... Mamma's Friend

    Louis Freese ..... Cypress Hill

    Senen Reyes ..... Cypress Hill

    Bobo ..... Cypress Hill

    Chuck Liddell ..... Tough Guy

    Alfonso Alcarez ..... Tough Guy

    Dublin James ..... Sidekick

    Melissa Peterman ..... Mrs. Sheila Cain

    David Stebbins ..... V.P. Aide

    Anthony DeSantis ..... Satanist

    Martin Klebba ..... Party guest

    Eric Lichtenberg ..... Harvard Student

    Tracy Morgan ..... Field of Dreams Guy

    Daniel Newman ..... Video Fighter

    Tyrin Turner ..... Shirley Locks

    Adam Carrera ..... Student

    Radha Nilia ..... Silas' One Night Stand

    Kacie Borrowman ..... Harem Girl

    Heather Charles ..... Hip-Hop Chick #3

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    HA! We must have had the same reaction at the same time. it has been on my mind, so I was just looking on IMBD for him but he is not listed. After no luck, i did a google search and found your question.

    After seeing him as often as you have, i am convinced it was him too.

    And now that i know i am not the only one who thinks it was him, i am going to say YES! he is not listed in the cast because he didn't say anything or even make eye contact with anyone.

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    He's not a lawyer, he's a photographer.

    Go to and put in his name. See if there is a credit or listing as an un-credited extra in the movie.

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    I don't get anything coming up on him being in a movie, even as an extra....just that he was a photojournalist. Anything is possible though.

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    It probably was him him... I heard on ET that he was on some movie as an extra, don't remember what it was though.

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    who is larry birkhead?

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