How much is does a membership to Direct buy cost???

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    I went to their info session and the previous poster is right-- it was a very "hard sell" atmosphere... the guy basically followed/chased us to the door, where my husband had to get quite curt/rude before the man would let us leave. If you join, it is something like $5k (for the first X number of years-- maybe first 10 years) and only you and your partner can shop there-- you can't bring a friend or family member to see what s/he thinks of things, etc. It's very protected like that. We spent a decent amount of time looking at their product catalogs and pricing information... and we determined that there was no way we would get back a large proportion of the joining fee, even though we planned to order: carpet, hardwood flooring, granite countertops, a sectional sofa, and other misc furniture and decor items.

    That being said, I did not get the impression that it was a "scam" - my impression was that it was a buying club, much like places like BJ's and Costco are (or at least started out as)... where members benefit from their combined buying power. I just felt I could save similar amounts by smart shopping elsewhere and retain my freedom to buy from wherever and whomever I please... and bring my friends and family to help with decisions, etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Between $4,000 and $8,000. They are a scam and a total ripoff. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Do a Google search for "Direct Buy complaints" and read the stories of people who have been sucked into buying their phony "memberships".


    Once they get you into their "showroom" with an appointment they will bully you and threaten you if you don't hand over the money. If you break down and do it you will never save enough money to make up for the initial cost and they will not help you with problems getting products. Your best bet if you are planning to spend thousands of dollars on major remodelling or decorating is to deal with a reputable, preferably licensed, interior decorator or building contractor. They are entitiled to wholesale discounts of 20 to 50% from manufacturers and can share the savings with you PLUS they will deal with any issues and problems with deliveries or manufacturers. Even paying them for their services will be cheaper than the loss of money and lack of service from Direct Buy.

    There are also many building supply centers (like Lowes, Home Depot and smaller local chains like 84 Lumber, Menards, Wolohans, etc.) whose salepeople will work with you to get you direct sales discounts from catalogs of stuff you might not see on their displays.

    But please remember -- Direct Buy is a SCAM!

    Source(s): 25 years in construction business
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