Sect. 8 Rental due 4 renovation. I'm a disabled senior and am housebound, worry about noise & upsetment?

I'm very nervous about an upcoming inspection to see what renovations are needed in my Sect. 8 apartment.

I'm a shut-in, am disabled with several disabilities--not the least of which is AMD blindness, & Vertigo that can't take noise and vibration without it setting me off and off-balance. Talk around here is they'll be tearing out walls (oh, the noise!) and all my precious artwork could be ruined. Who will put things back the way I both need them to be and decorating-wise, the way I need to "see"? Thusfar this housing complex has been relatively quiet but now with the renovations coming, is there anything I can do "within the System" to keep these changes to a minimum? My home is furnished with rooms full & precious little extra space in this 1-bedroom apt.

How in God's name will they work around both me and my stuff? I'm also going blind and _need things orderly in order to function at all_. I walk with canes.

Please help if you can, & please make it QUICK.

Thank you so much.


This apartment is in Fairfield County, SC. I've lived here 7 years now and have had to set things up to accommodate my encroaching blindness.

Can they make me (worst case scenario) move??? I've recently reorganized my bedroom into a sitting room so that I can spend my last days here; I don't want to go to a nursing home!

Help somebody, please.

Update 2:

My RECERTIFICATION was supposed to have been completed and signed by 2/28/07. I have submitted the requested paperwork but due to another change in management have been told that that paperwork has been lost. Hence, no Recert. paperwork has been completed or signed by me. This is not my fault and I want to know if missing the deadline will negatively impact me. Doesn't that mean that my lease has also run out? Can they evict me or make me relocate to another apartment. This would be the worst case scenario.

I live alone with my cat and have gotten comfortable (as possible) with my surroundings and the neighbors. I don't want to either be reassigned another apartment nor relocated elsewhere.

Please offer whatever assistance/advice you can. This whole renovation is upcoming and I don't know how soon. Generally the management gives us 3 days notice of inspections when the are the quarterlies, but for this special work, I think we ought to be notified a lot sooner.

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    Contact the authorities and explain this to them, or a lawyer.

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    You need to talk with a Lawyer really bad. Sounds like your paper work has been torn up, to keep you from causing any problems. They probably do not want to own up to their end of the Lease. Did you make a copy? Call a lawyer today and quick. Also talk to your Local law Enforcement agency, they can put you on the right track. I wish you much luck

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