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who is more right wing...rush limbaugh or michael savage?

like who is more extreme or radical or whatever? ive never listened just my dad telling me about these guys tonight or whatever

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    Michael Savage is definitely more conservative, however Rush Limbaugh is much more of a fixture in the right-wing culture. Like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, Limbaugh is a staunch Republican, whereas Savage is more of an outsider, and in that way he could probably be interpreted as more "radical." The thing is, Savage doesn't care what people think of him. You hear a lot of media figures proudly proclaiming this of themselves, but Savage is the real deal. He'll commend President Bush's economic policies one day, then refer to him as the "Dumbbell-in-Chief" the next. He champions the family-oriented culture of Mexico, but orders his listeners to "burn the Mexican flag" in protest of pro-illegal immigration rallies. Love him or hate him, you know Michael Savage is always giving you his honest opinion. I can't always say that about Rush Limbaugh, or anyone else for that matter.

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    Michael Savage is 100% conservative. Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a fat liar and a republican hack. So I guess Savage is more right wing. He actually cares about the country while Limbaugh cares about saying what his listeners want to hear.

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    Michael Savage is slightly bitter; he has indicated on some activities that he "isn't a member of the club" and harbors some resentment. i think of that in simple terms because of fact a guy like Rush is in simple terms in it for himself does not make him a fraud - he's a capitalist, he's a communication-instruct host, he's have been given some "celebrity" stuff going on - he's a debatable discern. What does Savage anticipate? once you come right down to it, instruct enterprise is approximately being in it for your self, isn't it? i assume it would be helpful if Limbaugh and others positioned "The Conservative stream" forward of their own competitivechronic, yet in a feeling that must be anti-Conservative, does not it? i admire Michael Savage - i admire Rush Limbaugh - i don't think of the two is "The Voice Of Conservatism" yet they each and each have exciting issues to declare.

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    Savage for Sure!

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    Limbaugh is Conservative whereas Savage is radical Conservative

  • Kye H
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    I am much more conservative then either one of them.

    So ME!

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    both are liberal pig queers and they stand for israel and not for America

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