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el asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Jo Staff & Bo Staff?

I would like to learn about both. Are the techniques the same for using both of them? Are tapered or straight staffs best? What are good resources for learning technique (no instruction close to's or books?) Any advice is welcome for which one is best for a female to use and types of staffs. TY in advance/


Cannot find anything on Jo staff for information and/or learning techniques. Any links would be most welcome.

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  • Steel
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    1 decade ago
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    I like the explanation that wldathrt7 gives concerning the differences between the jo versus the bo staffs, and I can relate to his experience. However, nobody has explained the tapered staff very well as of yet.

    Tapered staffs are what you would use in Chinese martial arts. They tend to be flexible rather than rigid bo and jo staffs, so you can imagine some techniques differing. This being the case, when one strikes hard with the tapered (aka "rat tail" staff), it does not hurt the hands nearly as much! There are techniques based on how one grips the staff as well (yin grip or yang grip). The staff is also a training tool which helps develop wrist strength and flexibility which translates into our empty handed training. That being the case, we actually do have some "spinny stuff".

    Essentially, it would depend on the martial art that you practice regarding the type of staff you would use. Of course, I use a tapered staff since I practice Chinese boxing. If you practice a traditional Japanese or Korean system, you'd be more prone to using a bo or jo.

    I will lastly offer the advice that a jo is probably most practical since you cannot get into any trouble walking down the street with a simple cane...

    Source(s): 17 years training
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  • 1 decade ago

    I've studied both and they are very different. The Bo staff is a traditional kobudo weapon. It's lineage is pretty much Okinawan and as such it tends to be very "karateish" in it's approach. The Jo staff is more Japanese and tend's to develop be more kenjutsu and aikiish in it's approach. Both are great, and fun. The Jo staff is about 4' the bo staff is from 5-6' I've gotten comfortable using the 5' Bo. No I don't have the reach of a longer staff weapon, but I do gain more flexibility in movement. I can use it as a Jo/Bo and be functional both ways.

    If you want training with the Bo, do a search for Kobudo. Not Bo. Traditional material would be found under that heading most likely. Find something that looks fun to you and study it.

    Word of advise, I'd stay away from any training video that has you spinning either one of those weapons. Traditional styles don't have spinny stuff in their system's for the most part.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've only studied the bo, but I would think the jo would be pretty much the same, but with a shorter staff.

    I think tapered versus straight staffs are a matter of preference. While the heavier straight staffs are sturdier, they are also bulkier and in my opinion, slower. Rather, the tapered staff is lighter and quicker, but not as sturdy, and as such would be easier to break of the two.

    There are some videos out that show bo technique. It is difficult to gather good technique from any video without some background already. However, there are a number of them you could probably order online. Just do a search on bo staff videos, or martial arts video supplies.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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  • 4 years ago

    neither one is more effective. pugpaw beat me to most of my answer. and covered the part about redundancy. and either one can win or loose against a katana. it depends on the skill of the person, not the weapon. like pugpaws i study and teach all 3 of these weapons. the bo is not necessarily 6 foot, the rokushaku bo is six foot there is Goshaku bo 5 foot rokushaku bo 6 foot Hashaku bo 8 foot Kushaku bo 9 foot bo only means staff each length is used differently. and i have had matches using a bo, jo and hanbo and i won all of them, not because the weapon was more superior but because i was better then my opponent.

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