Mcdonalds Marketing?

Write about These:

Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Product, Price, Promotion, Place

SWOT Analysis

STP Strategy (Segmentation, Target

Segment, Positioning) Are they the

Please provide as much as information possible and links too.


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    4 P's

    Product: sandwiches, fries, fountain drinks, pies, breakfast foods

    Price: They try to make the prices somewhat affordable as with the Value Meals and Dollar Menu.

    Promotion: They target different audience members. Ronald McDonald will appear on Saturday mornings to get children to ask their parents to take them to McDonald's. Also the Happy Meal and playgrounds are a draw.

    The dollar menu targets those who are price sensitive.

    Place: McDonald's restaurants are the place.



    -Largest fast food chain

    -Locations throughout the world

    -Golden Arches logo very recognizable


    -Because it is the largest fast food chain, it is the most targeted when people want to make fast food restaurants look bad

    -Slow in responding to zero trans fats in cooking its fries. Wendys already came out with a zero trans fats oil


    -Dinner menu is still kind of weak. The pizza they tried out did not work well

    -Coming out with foods healthier in nutrition and less in fat


    -Obesity is becoming more prevalent and people are eating healthier. Some people try to avoid fast food because of the negative stigma attached to it.


    Target segment: McDonald's targets everyone. They make the most money off frequent eaters, those who eat fast food everyday for lunch or who don't cook.

    Segmentation: children; parents with small children; people who do not have much time on their hands and want something quick; people who are price sensitive (Dollar Menu); people who want to try something new (new chicken wrap)

    Positioning: McDonald's positions itself as a leader in the fast food industry, which they are. They hope by offering some healthier selections such as Apple Dippers and milk or juice as an option with Happy Meals instead of soda, children will eat healthier. They position themselves as a fast, friendly restaurant with good food (Food, Folks and Fun)

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    4ps Of Mcdonalds

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