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Y & R question...Why did the police arrest JT but not Brad?

for attacking Kevin...seems like the hospital should have had security escort Brad you think Jenna will be back? If so then what? Mental hospital? Prison? What is the deal with Carmen?...not good that she is back..


you are way behind..john abbott killed gloria ex, ashley was accused, john died in jail, came back as a ghost to haunt jack for making him sign a will when he was demented in jail (from prescription drugs) that left gloria with NO inheritance (and they kicked her out of the house and left her clothes outside as soon as he died and got away with it.Then Jack bought back his dad's company using a phony company from japan. Ashley (was fired) so she and her daughter are in japan. Tracey is back.and a lot of other stuff such as a look a like phyllis and now a look alike carmen..

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    I looooove this posts!!!!!! here in Italy we're sooo far behind :-(((( so,by reading this posts and the news on the cbs website,I can know what's goin 2 happen before my friends do :-D Just 2 let u know,here John Abbott has just discovered that Kevin and Michael are Gloria's sons,and Victoria has come back to Genoa City from Florence.....

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