short poems about st.patrick's day?

Hi ya'll how are you doing today ? well i'm not good at writing poems but any one can post a poems here about st.patrick's day i want it to be romantic its for my b/f

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    May the leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way and may all the Irish Angels smile on you St Patricks Day.

    Sorry. Don't think its romantic though.

    What about:-

    You are my Irish Angel I love you with all my heart

    Please don't spoil St Pats Day by doing a big green fart.

    Sorry lol

    Forever takes me by a minute,

    While I’m here with you.

    I’m falling even more in love,

    With everything you do.

    Hold me in your arms,

    Look deep into my eyes,

    Don’t turn away and let me go,

    Don’t ever tell me lies.

    I swear I’ll never loose you,

    In my arms I’ll always hold.

    I’ll never let you slip away,

    And leave nothing left untold.

    There aren’t enough hours,

    In each passing day,

    To find all the words,

    I wish I could say.

    Your kiss will last forever,

    Your touch forever warm.

    You’ll guide me to the sunlight,

    And shield me from the storm.

    This is what I’m saying,

    With everything that’s true,

    I swear on my life,

    That I really do love you.

    Awwww - now that's beautiful

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    I'm making this up as I go along...

    Forgive me if it's crap... I don't write poetry.

    The pale moon was rising oe'r the irish sea

    As the young St. Patrick arrived in captivity.

    Ten years of sheparding and lonely nights,

    Tending sheep in mountainous heights

    Led Patrick back to his native Wales

    With ship full tilt and winded sales.

    Till when one night, in a hazy dream

    Spoke to Patrick, an Angel, in heavenly gleam.

    Go back to Ireland, bring with you God,

    Convert the Celts on their native sod.

    So back he came to Irish shores,

    And there he quelled the pagan's roars.

    He converted Kings on Tara's Hill,

    Turned into a deer at his own will,

    From the Curse the Children of Lir he saved,

    For Ireland, the way of Christianity he paved.

    March 17th was his dying day,

    Downpatrick the hill where he last lay.

    In him we have our Patron Saint,

    And through him Pride which will not faint.

    He is remembered today by emerald green,

    Like the hills of Ireland and valleys between

    By Ireland's children, from Earth's either side,

    A day for Ireland, and her children's pride.

    I honestly just wrote that myself... I dunno if it's any good or not... But I'm holding the copyright on that! I better not see it published in some book or in a song!!! Lol.


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    On this St. Patrick's Day

    I want to simply say

    If you turn out to be gay

    It will fill me with dismay

    Although, truth to tell

    you don't dress all that well

    So, well, what the hell

    Go on and be a Tinkerbell

    The beer I drink is green

    I'm a sad, distraught colleen

    what does it really mean

    when your boyfriend is a queen?

    I don't think this is quite the romantic paean you had in mind. Sorry - it's the best I could come up with on short notice. Unless you prefer:

    Roses are red

    violets are blue

    shamrocks are green

    Let's get some corned beef and cabbage

    But that doesn't rhyme at all. Plus it's not romantic. Let me get back to you on this...

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    There once was a man named Saint Patrick,

    who bet all his pence on a hat trick.

    He prayed o'er his shamrock,

    and put on his green frock.

    But, still couldn't beat out old Saint Nick.

    It just had to be a new Limerick

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    Longer than there've been shamrocks on St. Patricks

    Longer than Ireland's been green and not blue

    Longer than they've said "Kiss Me, I'm Irish"

    I've been in love with you.

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    remember to put some lines in where they bombed and killed Innocent people and put nail bombs in children's playgrounds.

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