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Are there any free typing tests that will not only help with typing, but with speed, too?

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    Hello. How to improve your typing speed

    Typing speed is something that will improve over time and with practice. Typing is a skill that can be very awkward at first. Over time, one learns how to get more speed at typing and then will try to work on accuracy. However to get optimum typing speed and typing accuracy is the goal the typist seeks to achieve. Here are some pointers to help improve your typing speed.

    Avoid looking at keys

    Don't look at the keys and your typing speed will improve. The beginning typist gets a sense of security by looking at the keys in the first days. One might think that this would help the typing speed but it does just the opposite. It takes time to look at the keys and recognize what you are looking at. The way to improve typing speed is to not look at the keys.

    If you practice typing without looking at the keys you will naturally get a sense of where each letter is situated on the keyboard. Of course, you will make many mistakes early on because it takes time, but with a little patience you will soon start pressing the right keys.

    Sit up straight and watch your posture to improve your typing speed. If you slouch and do not put your feet flat on the floor, it will not improve your typing speed. It should also be mentioned here that a good office chair that will help your posture would be wise to type from.


    Put your hands in the proper position to improve your typing speed. When you place your fingers on the home keys, there is a temptation to rest the palms of your hands on the keyboard. They need to actually be raised up in order to improve your typing speed.

    Read in “blocks” and not word-for-word to improve the speed of your typing. This is important because if you read word for word, it will slow you down. Try to read a whole sentence at a time and type from the sentence in your mind. Not having to think on words will help improve your typing speed.

    Don't worry about the errors. Initially, when you are trying to improve your typing speed, don't get stalled on these details. While having the errors corrected is critical, you will find that modern word processing software may sometimes autocorrect while you type if it can figure out what you mean.

    Online typing speed tests

    Take free online typing tests to help improve your typing speed. There are many free online typing tests on the internet today specifically designed to help improve your typing speed. You will find simple tests varying from practicing short lines to timing yourself against the clock when you have reached greater ability.

    Take free typing tutorials to help your typing speed improve. There are plenty of free tutorials on the internet aimed at helping to improve your typing speed.

    Source(s): There is a typing game called Typer Shark .Believe me it works. Just type the words that appear on the sharks, each time try to type faster and faster. it really help with the typing speed GOOD LUCK!
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