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How can I get a gun license? How much a handcost?

When I get older, I would like to get gun license. I think target shooting would be a good hobby. I am now 16.


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    In the US you don't need a license to own a gun. You do need a license to carry concealed. In order to get that you have to have a police and federal background check and you have to pass a certified gun safety class. The class costs, the background checks cost and the license costs. I think I paid nearly $300 but each state is diferent. The renewal cost is considerably less. You will also need to pay to join a gun club or other range for shooting. It isn't cheap.

    Unless you are shooting competitively, target shooting loses it charm rather quickly. Contact the NRA for competitions.

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    Hey my man! Target shooting is a blast. (No pun intended.)

    I do competition handgun shooting both center fire and rim fire. It's a lot of fun. I'd suggest you find a gun/sportsman club in your area and see if they do any of the above. An excellent source of information on shooting comes from www.bullseyepistol. com. Also look up the N.R.A website for further info. As an addendum, at your age you may have to attend a hunter safety course. Again, any gun club could give you the details on this. Be safe, be careful, HAVE FUN.

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    i understand, accurate. the those who have licenses are those who wish they not in any respect might want to apply their gun. this is those with out the license that opt for to apply their gun. i'm hoping that isn't any longer what his plan is, because i extremely become thinkin about vote casting for him, yet gun rights are major to me. I heard something about possibly outlawing semi-automatic handguns because they carry better than 5 rounds. no longer certain why, yet revolvers can kill people too. i imagine I heard Obama say that he merely needs to make the guidelines stricter, no longer outlaw the licensing because he suggested he has gun proprietors who help him.

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    The partly depends on what state you're in, assuming you're in the US. Some states do, in fact, require permits to purchase or own firearms. If your state doesn't require such things you can buy a 'long gun' (rifle or shotgun) when you're 18, handguns at 21.

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    You have to be 21 to buy a handgun, so you'll have to wait a while. It depends on the state. What state do you live in?

    You do not need a permit to buy a longgun, which you can do at 18.

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    gun school.

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