How to setup web-based forms for Microsoft Exchange distribution list management?

Allow any employee to see the list of all distribution lists (DLs), the email address of each member of each DL, the purpose of each DL, the owner of each DL.

Allow any employee to ask to be added or removed to/from a DL; based on the policy of the DL, this could be automated (with another policy for that DL which specifies whether anyone should be notified) or it could require approval by an admin for that particular DL.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    While I am not aware of a conventional solution to this problem, I believe it is possible to develop a web application that can do it. Unfortunately I question the performance of this app since in its simplicity it uses command line instructions to communicate with AD.

    Can this possibly lead to a solution?

    Now un/subscription would require a bit more coding obviously...

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