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Landrover freelander New engine replaced, but still loosing coolant?

hi hope someone can help me coz i'm havin an absolute nitemare wiv my freelander.

I've just had a new reconditioned engine fitted, which has cost me nearly £2000inc labour and parts, but 2days afdter leaving the garage, my coolant has already disappeared. To be quite honest i aint got a clue about motors hence the reason for gettin an expert to deal wiv it. Does ne1 know why my coolant level has already disappeared. thanx

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    UMMM...maybe its the radiator or a hose!

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    When coolant disappears, there are only a few places it can go. It can go out of the radiator through a hole, through a defective radiator cap, through a leak in a hose or loose/broken clamp, through the heater core(which should make the inside of the vehicle wet) or through a defective engine (which should not be a problem in your case). I would call the people who put the engine in and ask them if they want it towed in. The coolant can be refilled and the system pressure tested, the gauge will show if there is a pressure loss and it should probably be visible where any leaks are. The engine could have an internal gasket problem. DID THEY REUSE YOUR SAME WATERPUMP ?, that could be leaking, but with an engine replacement I would hope they would not cut corners by using the old waterpump. I would be concerned that there has been possible engine damage from the loss of coolant. I can't think of anything else, hope this helps.

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    It could well be the headgasket!! Freelanders are notorious for head gasket failure due to a fault which is totally known about by the manufacturer (only the petrol model) The same engine was used in some rover saloons and basically Rover brushed it under the carpet. My next door neighbour was quoted £3500 pounds for a new headgasket by our local landrover dealer and i put her onto this website surprisingly when she pointed out the information which she found on the site, our local dealer knocked £2000 of the bill !!!!!!!

    The problem has been featured on top gear and bbc watchdog, so beware. Even on vehicles with less than 50k on the clock and full dealer service history this is occuring. I would not trust an alleged reconditioned engine, as if i am correct you can only have the head skimmed once and a special modified gasket (thicker) fitted, then its "asta la vista baby" for the engine. Hope this helps. get info of the website and go quote trading standards and legal action to someone. Good luck.

    Ian W

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    i have a freelander, i recently had the IRD off mine and between the IRD and the gearbox there is an oil cooler, its a small disk shaped thing with 2 pipes comeing out of it, water runs through these pipes to cool the oil, perhaps its leeking from here? especially if your IRD has been replaced and the mechanic hasnt put the hoses back on properly, mine leaked for a bit then i fixed it,

    or perhaps you have an air lock in the cooling system, and its replacing the air with water, keep topping the coolant up, perhaps it will settle down then, remember not to put cold water into a hot engine, do it when the engine is cold

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    take it back for the garage to have a look at it, don't risk loosing your warranty, it may only be an air lock, these engines are a pig to bleed and it may only be that the air has now shifted out allowing the coolant level to drop.

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    Check all hoses for leaks,other than that all i can suggest is gasket needs the reputation of the garage you took it to ok?

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