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f&b待應點樣service 1個客人




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  • ma
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    1 decade ago
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    You: Welcome to [name of restaurant]. How are you doing today/this evening?

    Guest: I am doing fine. Thank you.

    You: Have you been here before?

    Guest: It's my first time.

    You: Let me explain the menu to you. On the left hand side, you will find our appetizers, salads, and soups. Our appetizers are of a large portion, and so if you are looking for a light fare, you may want to consider them.

    You: On the right hand side, you will find our main courses, and our specialty is steak and seafood. Many customers enjoy our 8oz filet mignon and the shrimp scampi pasta.

    You: Now, let me tell you our specials tonight. First, we have a prime rib with mashed potatoes and green beans, plus another side of your choice. We also have baked cod with fried onion rings and coleslaw. And, finally, you may also want to consider our salmon filet stuffed with crab. The soups of the day are corn chowder and lobster bisque.

    Guest: I think I will need a moment to digest all that.

    You: Please take your time. Could I start your meal with a drink?

    Guest: I would like to have a Coke, please.

    You: Certainly. I will give you a moment to go over the menu and will be back with your Coke.


    You: Sir, here is your Coke. Have you decided on your selection?

    Guest: I am debating between the prime rib and the salmon. Which would you prefer?

    You: That is not an easy question. I am a seafood lover and so I would definitely pick the salmon. It is grilled with lime juice, and the crab stuffing is superb. On the other hand, the prime rib has been slow roasted for five hours and the meat is juicy and tender.

    Guest: I guess I would go with the prime rib.

    You: Excellent. What additional side dish would you like to have?

    Guest: I'll take the cinnamon apples.

    You: Good choice. Would you also like some horseradish on the side?

    Guest: Fabulous.

    You: Would you be interested in trying our salads? I'd recommend a hand-tossed Caesar salad to complement your main course.

    Guest: That sounds wonderful. I'll take that.

    You: My pleasure. I will place your orders right away. If at anytime you need any help, please call on me.

    Guest: Certainly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Normally, if there is a couple, you can ask the man first: May I have your order now, sir?

    2. After that, repeat their order once, just to confirm you have the right order for them.

    3. Then say: Food will be there very soon, thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    你可以話," May I help you", "What can I do for you", " Do u want to have any recommandation" 等.

    2007-03-03 22:33:49 補充:


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