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Curiosity Kills the Cat

wt's the meaning of Curiosity Kills the Cat n it's origination?

in english pls...thanks..

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    It means someone who like finding ultimate causes of a problem will finally get into trouble. He/She will not stop till they obtain answers which satisfy him/her. When it is said, someone is reminded of not asking too much.

    For example, if your friend keeps asking about your work and you really want him to stop, you may say " Curiosity Kills the Cat !" to him. Then he will know what to do next. ^^

    But I cannot find out it's origination. I guess it is merely some kind of popular saying or a proveb.

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    This is my own opinion about what ericma_translation says.I am afraid those are not its origination.I think the idiom, Curiosity kills the cat, was generated before a band and a movie. The band as well as the movie simply adopted the idiom as their names. Does it sound more reasonable? ^^

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    It means used to tell someone not to ask too many questions about something.

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    Curiosity Kills the Cat is actually the name of a rock band as well as the name of a movie.

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