Kiss kiss kiss?

Okay... so this weekend is my "really good friend's" birthday... (We say that we are going out, but we've never taken anything beyond just a simple boy-girl friendship (no kissing, etc.))

Anyways, for his present I was planning on giving him this gift that I made for him and I also really want to give him a kiss (like a real kiss... not on the cheek or anything) I don't want to just plant one on him out of complete surprise (since we've been going out for the past 4 months that could be quite a shocker to him) I want to make the kiss really cute/fun/memorable...

Are there any suggestions on how to make a quick and cute move?

ps- please don't comment on our relationship (I know it is going a bit slower than usual) Trust me... we like eachother a lot, we just haven't "done anything"


The 1st gift is really fragile and could break...

He is also a lot taller than me.

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    Have him close his eyes and saying that you will give him his present and then plant it right on his lips and he will turn so red that his nose will start to bleed.

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    I personally think that a relationship does not always have to involve, " doing stuff" but since it does add to the relationship, then i guess why not. A cute way maybe is to give him the present and say 'happy birthday' and give a sweet kiss. Or maybe when you leave say 'goodnight' at the door and leave him with a everlasting charming kiss. Do it the 'romantic way', and that can definitely be a memeroble way.

    Good Luck!

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    Theres nothing wrong with having a friendship before all the other stuff comes, in fact i think its better!

    Anyway, I think you should get to the party early and take him up to his room and give him his present, and maybe put in the card that you have another present for him and when he asks what it is you can kiss him! It would be very cute and that way you can do it in private, cause lets face it, guys get embarrased sometimes!

    Good Luck! :)

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    I love your name Peace Love and Rock n Roll sounds like you enjoy the 60 70 thing.Even though you are too young to know of it. I would give the present when we are alone. I would but in the box with the present ( I owe you one really big sexy kiss) You have 10 minutes to claim it or it is gone for ever. Good luck

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    you would do well to get your friend to join you in some fun activity. squaba diving, sky diving, bicycling tour clubs, 10 k jogs, backpacking into the mountains, deep sea fishing, or something for those with a little more money -- touring, sea cruises, a trip to italy, or some place your ancestors came from etc etc.

    forget the cute and clever moves. instead of kisses make a joke and get some of those aerosol cans that blow the foam in someone's face. get a little compressed air boat horn at walmart sports section and surpirze them with that. be creative and interesting. you can be so much fun and you will get so much practice for the next romatic interest. this is budding and rather slowly which is for the best. you can educate yourself on this subject with someone like you ae dealing with. get smart.

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    I would do it as you walk up to him and give him his gift. Say I have 2 special gifts for you this put your arm around his shoulder with your hand on the back of his neck and give him a sensual slow full lip kiss. Then hand him the actual gift and see what happens.

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    Hey you see it on tv all the time the guy just kisses the girl. you can do it too. take him aside and give him your gift and then after he opens it, just say, oh, this goes with it, right on the lips slow and then follow what he does. If you are too shy to do that then say I would like to give you a birthday kiss. thats how my husband got me to kiss him when we first met. it works honey.

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    I think thats so cute you haven't done anything. You guys like each other more then just physical stuff.

    Just go up to him and be like I have two presents, heres the first one.. when do u want the second one?

    make him guess what it is... and just kiss him when he wants it.

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    Yes first make sure that your breath is fresh then wait when you are sure that he wants it when you are saying goodnight. Save the best for the last that how it works trust me

    Let me know how it goes or just hola

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    I suggest you keep a little distance from him, lean in and really plant one on him, but keep body separated as much as possible. No chest wrestling, so to speak.

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