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celebrity couples??

I have to make a list of celebrity couples for my best friends mom for some game or somethin that were doin at his birthday party. could you guys give me some examples?

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    Brad Paisley and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

    Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

    John Travolta and Kelly Preston

    William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

    Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

    Guy Ritchie and Madonna

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

    Vince Gill and Amy Grant

    Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

    Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman

    Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

    Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z

    Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Heidi Klum and Seal

    Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

    Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn

    Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley

    Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti

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    Brad Pitt and Angelie Jolie

    Madonna and Guy richie

    Anna Nicole Smith(R.I.P) and Howard K. Stern

    Ashton Kuther and Demi Moore

    Paris Hilton and Starvos Niarchos

    Britney Spears and Issac Cohen and K-Fed

    Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

    John Travolta and Kelly Preston

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

    Isla Fisher-Cohen and Sacha Baron Cohen

    Beyonce and Jay-Z

    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    Will Smith and Jada Pickett

    David Arquette and Courtney Cox.

    Source(s): I am a celebrity researcher
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    Brad and Angelina, Jennifer and Vince, John Travola and Kelly Preston, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Hilary and Bill Clinton, Al and Tipper Gore, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Victoria and David Beckham, Will Smith and Jada Pickett, David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Does that help some?

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    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Victoria and David Beckham, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Jude Law and Sadie Frost, Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin,Vernon Kaye and Tess Daily, Jamie and Jools Oliver, Judy Finnegan and Richard Madeley to name a few.

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    read a tabloid, there's tons of them

    By the way, Jennifer & Vince broke up.

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    i'll give you one my favorite beyonce and jay z

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    Celebrity Couples (Past And Present)

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner 2005-present

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith 1997-present

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 2005-present

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman 2006-present

    Apolo Anton Ohno and Allison Baver

    Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody 2003-2006

    Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe 1999-2007

    Jordan Bratman and Christina Aguilera 2005-present

    Freddy Adu and JoJo

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z

    Hilary Duff and Joel Madden 2005-2006

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale 2002-present

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore 2005-present

    Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz 2003-2007

    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo

    Jessica Simpson and John Mayer

    Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson 2002-2005

    Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley

    P!nk and Carey Hart 2006-present

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony 2004-present

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono 1969-1980 (his death)

    Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock 2006-2007

    Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna (opera)

    Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

    Paul Thomas Anderson and Fiona Apple

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman 1990-2001

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (TomKat) 2005-present

    Madonna and Sean Penn 1985-1989

    John Travolta and Kelly Preston 1991-present

    William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

    Ben Vokracka and Jessica Sprauge 2006

    Short Marriages (2 Years Or Less)

    All of the following marriages ended in divorce, except where indicated

    [edit] Couple / Length Of Time Married

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler / 1 day (their deaths)

    Adrienne La Russa & Steven Seagal / 1 day

    Britney Spears and Jason Alexander / 2 days

    Tomica Woods and Eazy-E / 12 days (his death)

    Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas / 6 weeks

    Judith Kliban and Bill Bixby / 6 weeks (his death)

    Claire Harding and Jack Wild / 4 months (his death)

    Norma McCarty and Ed Wood / 4 months

    Sandra Cooke and Sir David Lean / 121 days (his death)

    Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton / 5 months

    Natasha Henstridge & Damian Chapa / 5 months

    Buddy and Maria Holly / 5 months (his death)

    Laura Jane Michaels and Bill Bixby / 25 weeks

    Akosua Busia & John Singleton / 6 months

    Shirley Johnston and Rick Jason / 6 months

    Kelly-Jean Van Dyke and Jack Nance / 6 months

    Christie Brinkley and Rick Taubman / 7 months

    Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger / 7 months

    Linda Hamilton & James Cameron / 8 months

    Traci Lords and Ryan Riel Grainger / 8 months

    Erin Everly and Axl Rose / 9 months

    Lauren Holly and Jim Carrey / 10 months

    Barbara Minty and Steve McQueen / 10 months (his death)

    Cynthia Derderian & Jean-Claude Van Damme / 11 months

    Nicollette Sheridan and Harry Hamlin / 11 months

    Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall II / 11 months (his death)

    Shelley Bonus and Richard Pryor / 1 year

    Rae Dawn Chong and C. Thomas Howell / 1 year

    Robin Givens and Mike Tyson / 1 year

    Janet Jackson and James DeBarge / 1 year

    Marge Lane and Mickey Rooney / 1 year

    Courtney Love and James Moreland / 1 year

    Sue Lyon and Cotton Adamson / 1 year

    Sue Lyon and Hampton Fancher / 1 year

    Sue Lyon and Roland Harrison / 1 year

    Vic and Gale Morrow / 1 year

    Kim Novak and Richard Johnson / 13 months

    Donna Peele and Charlie Sheen / 14 months

    Patricia Price and Richard Pryor / 1 year

    Tori Spelling & Charlie Shanian / 14 months

    Lyle and Kathy Alzado / 15 months (his death)

    Drew Barrymore and Tom Green / 15 months

    Alexandra Christmann & Sir Ben Kingsley / 15 months

    Brigitte Nielsen and Sylvester Stallone / 18 months

    Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski / 18 months (her death)

    Kelley Patricia O'Neill and Jason Hervey / 19 months

    Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson / 20 months

    Patricia Southall & Martin Lawrence / 20 months

    Clayton and Mary Moore / 20 months

    Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett / 21 months

    Paula Abdul and Emilio Estevez / 2 years

    Pamela Denise Anderson and Tommy Lee / 2 years

    Selma Blair and Ahmet Zappa / 2 years

    Brooke Burns and Julian McMahon / 2 years

    Helen Derby and Burgess Meredith / 2 years

    Ava Gardner and Mickey Rooney / 2 years

    Jennie Garth and Dan Clark (not the American Gladiator) / 2 years

    Carole Graham and Ray Sharkey / 2 years

    Lauren Holly and Danny Quinn / 2 years

    Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain / 2 years (his death)

    Diane Martin and Barry Williams / 2 years

    Uta Silky "Jutta" Parr and Rick Jason / 2 years

    Nia Peeples and Guy Ecker / 2 years

    Millie Perkins and Dean Stockwell / 2 years

    Faith Quabius and Chuck Connors / 2 years

    Alaina Reed and Kevin Peter Hall / 2 years (his death)

    Kim Reeder & Andy Gibb / 2 years

    Marilyn Rosenberg and Robert Reed / 2 years

    John and Susan Savage / 2 years

    Robert and Virginia Shaw / 2 years (his death)

    Lala Sloatman & Chris Robinson / 2 years

    Anna Nicole and Billy Smith (Daniel Wayne Smith's parents) / 2 years

    Britney Spears and Kevin Federline / 2 years

    Kathy Swanson & Andrew Dice Clay / 2 years

    Niki Taylor and Matt Martinez / 2 years

    Charlene Tilton and Johnny Lee / 2 years

    Martha Vickers and Mickey Rooney / 2 years

    Long Show-Biz Marriages (25 Years Or More)

    [edit] Couple / Year(s) Married

    W.C. and Harriet Fields / 1900-46 (his death)

    Spencer and Louise Tracy / 1923-67 (his death)

    Casey and Edna Stengel / 1924-75 (his death)

    William and Violet Hanna / 1936-2001 (his death)

    Anthony Quinn and Katherine DeMille / 1937-65 (divorced)

    Jonathan and Gertrude Harris / 1938-2002 (his death)

    Robert and Dorothy Mitchum / 1940-97 (his death)

    Tony Randall and Florence Gibbs / 1942-92 (her death)

    Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy / 1942-94 (her death)

    Lord Lew and Kathleen Grade / 1942-98 (his death)

    Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina / 1943-93 (his death)

    John and Julie Forsythe / 1943-94 (her death)

    Clayton and Sally Moore / 1943-86 (her death)

    John Harrison Yankee Jr. and Eileen Heckart / 1944-97 (his death)

    Craig Stevens and Alexis Smith / 1944

    Edgar and Frances Bergen / 1945-78 (his death)

    Akira and Yoko Kurosawa / 1945-85 (her death)

    Dan and Elsa O'Herlihy / 1945-2005 (his death)

    Ralph and Alice Bellamy / 1947-92 (his death)

    Henry and Virginia Mancini / 1947-94 (his death)

    Rod and Carol Serling / 1948-75 (his death)

    Guy and Janice Williams / 1948-89 (his death)

    Burgess and Kaja Meredith / 1950-97 (his death)

    Max and Christina Von Sydow / 1951-96 (divorced)

    Fred and Foxy Gwynne / 1952-80 (divorced)

    Jack and Marie Lord / 1954-98 (his death)

    Ira Bernstein and Florence Henderson / 1956-85 (divorced)

    Jack and Elaine LaLanne / 1956

    Martin Landau and Barbara Bain / 1957-93 (divorced)

    Pat and Doreen Roach / 1957-2004 (his death)

    Stanley and Christianne Kubrick / 1958-99 (his death)

    Chuck and Dianne Norris / 1958-88 (divorced)

    Leo Penn and Eileen Ryan / 1958-98 (his death)

    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward / 1958

    Albert and Dana Broccoli / 1959-96 (his death)

    Jim and Jane Henson / 1959-90 (his death)

    Bobby Troup and Julie London / 1959-99 (his death)

    Marty and Joyce Wilde / 1959

    Telly and Katherine Savalas / 1960-94 (his death)

    Wolfman Jack and Lucy Lamb / 1960-95 (his death)

    Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft / 1964-2005 (her death)

    Bill and Camille Cosby / 1964

    Alex and Sandie Rocco / 1964-2002 (her death)

    Don and Barbara Rickles / 1965

    Dean and Gerda Koontz / 1966

    Sir Michael and Helen Palin / 1966

    Anthony Quinn and Jolanda Addolori / 1966-97 (divorced)

    Patrick Stewart and Sheila Falconer / 1966-2000 (divorced)

    Frank and Gail Zappa / 1967-93 (his death)

    Powers and Pam Boothe / 1968

    Virl and Chris Osmond / 1968

    Aaron and Candy Spelling / 1968-2006 (his death)

    Sir Michael and Patricia York / 1968

    Robert and Barbara Cameron (Kirk and Candace's parents) / 1969

    Sir Paul and Linda McCartney / 1969-1997 (her death)

    Sir Roger and Luisa Moore / 1969-96 (divorced)

    Christopher and Georgianne Walken / 1969

    Burl Ives and Dorothy Koster Paul / 1970-95 (his death)

    Terry and Alison Jones / 1970

    Christopher and Elaine Plummer / 1970

    Sir Roger and Heather Daltrey / 1971

    Doug Momary and Emmy Jo Peden / 1971

    George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere / 1972-99 (his death)

    John and Bo Derek / 1973-98 (his death)

    Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille / 1974

    Richard and Diane Kiel / 1974

    Alan and Suzanne Osmond / 1974

    Wayne and Kathlyn Osmond / 1974

    Marc and Alice Summers / 1974

    Lee and Nila Ermey / 1975

    Maurice and Yvonne Gibb / 1975-2003 (his death)

    Jamie and Lynne Spears (Britney and Jamie Lynn's parents) / 1975-2002 (divorced)

    Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi / 1975

    Robert Malloy and Kim Novak / 1976

    Ian and Shona Anderson / 1976

    Rick and Julie Dees / 1977

    Ted and Leeyann Neeley / 1977

    Judges Jerry and Judy Sheindlin / 1977

    Mark and Marilou Hamill / 1978

    William Barron Hilton, Jr. and Kimberly Beck / 1978

    Donny and Debra Osmond / 1978

    Mickey and Jan Rooney / 1978

    Joe and Tina Simpson (Jessica and Ashlee's parents) / 1978

    Kevin and Kate McCarthy / 1979

    John Nimmons and Geri Reischl / 1979

    Michael and Cari Beck / 1980

    Jim and Julia Dale / 1980

    Mel and Robyn Gibson / 1980

    Eric and Tania Idle / 1981

    Casey and Jean Kasem / 1981

    William and Deborah Katt / 1981

    Martin and Vivienne Kove / 1981

    Mills and Kaye Lane / 1981

    Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach / 1981

    Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli / 1981-2006 (divorced)

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