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Has anyone heard Taylor Hicks new song?it's called "JUST TO FELL THAT WAY".?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How about a MILLION people who bought the album it's on?

    JUST TO FEEL THAT WAY is a beautiful love song.......

    like all the songs on the TAYLOR HICKS CD.

    There are many websites where you can read the lyrics, listen to the song, vote for it, vote for Taylor Hick, etc.etc.

    If you haven't yet bought his album, you're gonna love it.....


    Taylor Hicks began his concert tour in Jacksonville, FL a week or so ago.

    It will be at least a four month tour.......

    New venues/cities are being added all the time by demand.

    Every concert is COMPLETELY sold out...

    To find one near you where the tickets have not yet gone on sale, check below......

    But, ya gotta be quick---within the first five minutes, the best seats are gone...


    General Admission is assigned seats~ but who cares?

    You're on your feet dancing the whole time anyway...

    It's a non-stop 90 minute performance . . .

    Everyone who's seen it is now trying to find tickets to another show . . .

    rock on & peace out........

    dave matthews

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah. i don't really like it though. for some reason, his voice reminded me of raffi's.

    Note: I do like Taylor Hicks, but that song wasn't great

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  • You either mean 'Just To Fall That Way' or 'Just To Feel That Way' but 'Just To FELL That Way' makes no sense whatsoever ;-)

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