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what does fast food mean to you?

do you think that it short time that makes a place a fast food resturant or is it quality or any other thing? and whould you think that small pizza places be fast food? and how about subway is that fast food?

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    its the in and out factor..

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    It's not the time that makes fast food fast. It's how the food is processed. There are a ton of harmful ingredients that goes into McDonald's and the like. Same with Pizza Hut and Subway.

    A small local pizzeria is different than Pizza Hut and is not really fast food if the ingredients are wholesome. Same with a sandwich made by yourself on good wholesome bread vs. what Subway uses. (I never liked their bread and the lettuce tastes as if it were sprayed with chemicals). Of course if I had to choose between Subway and McDonald's, I would pick Subway. But a better sub would be one made at a pizzeria since again, these small places don't use as much over processed junk and some small places even use olive oil on the sandwiches and make their own bread which means no corn syrup additives. Just gotta shop around.

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    Traditionally I think fast food was the answer to screams of whats for dinner soon after women's lib really kicked off. It became essential for both parents in most families to work to make ends meet at a level of comfort we wanted to achieve as Americans. So when more moms went to work entrepreneurs also went to work to capitalize on the growing market for fast nutritious meals. At first it was the aluminum foil wrapped TV dinner then the burger wars and KFC etc... Today a lot of NON traditional meals are trying to break into the fast food realm because of a growing health food trend now that most of the moms are at work outside the home. (and unfortunately still in the home as well). So now we have Boston Market which is more like a traditional meal the way it is served and advertised. Pizza joints are a favorite fast food now with the quicker convection type ovens and home delivery. So fast food is basically an understood group of bulging food enterprises. The Grey area is that Long John Silver and Red lobster or other places similar to that may be considered by other individuals as fast food at their economic level. Super rich have their own chefs so I guess a full planned meal could be considered to some in that category as fast food.

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    I think of fast food as anything that you get in a "restaurant" that you wait on line to get. Food that is basically pre-made and comes off of a list on a wall. It would be a burger joint, subway or other sandwich places, pizza. Food you usually take with you, or you an sit at a small table and eat quickly. it's not a place where you have table service, that is waitstaff, and get a menu to chose from.

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    Anything that advertises to a politically correct and perfect world is Fast Food. If the junk it sells came in a truck with a ©.⌐ or a Logo on it, it is fast food.

    Applebees is fast food, so is Pizza Hut and just about every eating place that is in the shopping mall.

    Subway is ok food fast, so yes, it is fast food.

    Hooters is chicken wings,beers and half dressed younger babes, fast food with burlesque.

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    Subway = fast food yes.

    I think it is a time thing.

    I have had better food from a fast food joint than sitting at a table and paying 40.00 for some thing I could have made better in less time.

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    fast food and bad food does not need to be the same thing. fast food can be good for you. it's all about making the right choices. I think most people agree.

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    Are you doing this for a fast food application? Well, quality is the key!

    Source(s): I recommend Subway!
  • I think fast foods are like Jollibee McDo pizza hut & etc.Those in the subway I think they are dirty foods because we don't know where they came from

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    First, SubWay is fast food and fast food is ready when you order it.

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    i think subway is fast food. i like going to restauraunts not eating fast food ppl dont care it seems and they can be dirty. i think that pizza places are not fast food.

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