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Gilette Company?!?!?

Can anyone give me any information on the Gillette company??


ownership, management, personel(how much they make, etc.), major holdings, ecnomic outlook, sales literature, target audience, future products, target audience, trends, growth,competitors, mergers,product... anything like that. or any sites i can go to in order to find such things.. p.s., doesnt give me anything.. PLEASE HELP!!! thanxxx!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Global Gillette, formerly The Gillette Company, likes to be on the cutting edge. The world's #1 maker of shaving supplies, the firm is best known for its razors and blades (Sensor, Trac II, and the premium-priced Mach3, M3Power, and Fusion), but it's also a leading battery (Duracell) maker. Gillette also makes Braun electric shavers. In October 2005 The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) bought 100% of Gillette for about $57 billion in stock. Its Braun- and Oral-B-branded oral care products are now part of P&G's brand portfolio. It sold its Right Guard, Soft & Dri, and Dry Idea brands to Henkel's Dial for some $420 million.

    President and CEO Mark M. Leckie

    SVP, Human Resources Edward F. Guillet

    VP, Corporate Communications Eric A. Kraus

    Gillette Company (THE). The Group's principal activities are to manufacture and sell consumer products throughout the world. The Group operates under five segments: Blades and Razors, Duracell, Oral Care, Braun and Personal Care. The Blades and Razors segment includes male shaving systems and are sold under the Mach3Turbo, Mach3, SensorExcel, Sensor, Atra and Trac II brands and disposable razors under the Custom Plus and Good News brands. Duracell segment of the Group markets alkaline batteries. Oral Care segment markets manual and power toothbrushes. Braun segment sells electric shavers under the Braun brand and hair epilators under the Silk-Epil brand. Personal Care segment of the Group sells shaving preparations, after-shave products and deodorants and antiperspirants. At 31-Dec-2002, the Group had manufacturing operations at 32 facilities in 15 countries. Blades and Razors accounted for 41% of 2002 revenues; Duracell, 22%; Oral Care, 15%; Braun, 12% and Personal Care, 10%.

    Key People

    Vice President & Treasurer Gail F. Sullivan

    Chairman, President & Chief Executive James M. Kilts

    Senior Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer Charles W. Cramb

    Secretary William J. Mostyn III

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