what is the difference between Aromatherapy Oils & Essential Oils?

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    There is no such thing as Aromatherapy oils. There is Aromatherapy, which is the practice of using essential oils and other fragrant oils to alter mood or health.

    Essential oils are just one type of oil used in aromatherapy. The others include, fragrant oils and hyrosols (floral waters).

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    Aromatherapy Oils is just a marketing term. Often enough, sadly enough, these aren't even oils that you should use, because most of them are (very) inpure and should not be used in the purpose of therapy through oils, in which form whatsoever. The best thing these offer is a fragrance so that it smells good in your house, just like those boxes or blocks you can find in the general store to place on your toilet so that it smells good.

    Essential oils are pure oils that are used for therapy through aroma's, either applied with a carrier oil on the skin, evaporated with a aromalamp or inhaled through adding some drops of pure essential oil to a bowl of hot water. Even here, inpure forms are available.

    But the biggest difference between these 2 will be the price: aromatherapy oils will cost significantly less then essential oils. The process of extracting essential oils is tricky and uses experience, time, precision and specific tools. The cheap stuff isn't even an extraction of material from plants or herbs, it's synthetic stuff... which explains the cheap price.

    Source(s): Learning aromatherapy myself. I'm no expert at all, but I like to be fair towards myself and my customers. My oils are very expensive, but they are pure. Only took me a long time to find a good store and a good course, but it was worth it.
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    Sounds like a scam to me.

    I have used aromatherapy for years, and never used anything but essential oils.

    Watch out for fragrance oils. These are very weak diluted oils where they use a few drops of Essential Oil then fill the bottle up with grapeseed or jojoba oils, and blend.

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    aromatherapy oils are made of essential oils to health the body and mind

    essential oils are the oils extracted from plants, they are used for everything, including being mixed to create aromatherapy oils which stimulate certain effects on the body.

    example. rosemary essential oil is used to cut grease and in aromatherpy to enhance the memory

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    The difference is how many monies the spa or penny store can convince you to accept and pay.

    I could say that Aroma Therapy is for Brain and Mind because smelling is a sense. And Essential is to make death,disease and IDS because it is physical.

    The aroma one is true, it may smell nice or pleasing to some,some chemicals or aromas can make a person die,or not.

    The essential is true, some drugs or poisons can enter the bloodstream via the contact with the skin and make a person die,

    or not.

    How much a human is willing or not willing to use the two is the only difference.

    I actually remember Snake Oils, people use to drink that. They got drunk. or died.

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  • Aromatherapy has oils of good fragrance freshen ur mind n spirit.

    Essential oils has no good smell. Just to provide enough vitamins n stuffs to ur skin n bones.

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