how can i devolop reading power?

reading power

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    Reading Faster

    by Ron Kurtus (revised 10 January 2001)

    Students often must read and comprehend a tremendous amount of material. Being able to read rapidly is an important skill that will make schoolwork easier, as well as help you advance in your career. Most speed-reading methods are based on skim reading first and in reading groups of words. It takes discipline and a mind-set to become a super reader.

    Questions you may have include:

    How important is reading fast?

    How is skim reading used?

    How do you read groups of words?

    This lesson will answer those questions. There is a mini-quiz near the end of the lesson.

    Speed is important

    It certainly is more enjoyable to be able to read something rapidly, instead of spending what seems like forever struggling through the words.

    Students and workers improve

    Besides the enjoyment factor, students need to get through a lot of reading material in as fast a time as possible. Efficient reading skills will help them in their schoolwork and help to improve their grades.

    Workers must read reports, as well as research material, for their jobs. If they can read faster, with greater comprehension, their chance of a raise and a promotion is increased. Note that top executives usually have rapid-reading skills.

    Improves comprehension

    Although it is difficult to speed-read a complex chapter in a Mathematics book, using speed-reading techniques do help to improve your comprehension. This is especially true when you have to read a large amount of material that can numb your brain.

    Skim reading

    Some speed reading methods have you first skim-read the material and then read it over a second time more carefully, but yet still at high speed. In skim reading you often just scan through the material, letting your eyes catch key words, that give you the crux of the written material.

    Skim several times

    When reading extensive material, you can first skim over the chapter and section titles to give you an idea of when the material is about. Then quickly scan through the material again to get a better idea of the topic. Finally, you read the assignment, but still reading rapidly.

    Read first sentence

    Since often the first sentence of each paragraph states the main idea of that paragraph, while the other sentences elaborate on that idea, you can skim read by just reading the first sentences. In some cases, you can get enough information by only reading the first sentence from each paragraph.

    Unfortunately, some writers make their paragraphs so long, that they have several ideas in them, and others stick the important sentences in the middle. In such cases, you can't use the first sentence method effectively.

    Complex reading

    With some complex reading--like Mathematics--you should still skim over the material, quickly looking at section titles and the equations and formulae. After you get an idea of what the material is about and where it is going, you can read it more carefully. Since you often may have to work out problems with a pencil, obviously your reading speed will not be as high as other type of reading.

    Grouping words

    Most people read one word at a time, saying the word to themselves. This is a slow way of doing the task, especially when your mind is capable of processing information at a much higher rate.

    Look at groups of words

    One of the primary tricks in speed-reading is to look at phrases and groups of words instead of individual words. Instead of reading word-by-word, you read in chunks of information. You don't have to say the word to understand what it means.

    Practice with newspaper

    Try reading several words, a phrase, or even a sentence at a time. A good way to practice this is to read newspaper articles by scanning down the column, digesting all the words across, instead of reading each word at a time. A newspaper column usually has 4 or 5 words per line, and you should be able to process all of them at once.

    This method is one of the best for getting used to reading phases instead of words. Just practicing reading this way should noticeably increase your speed.

    In conclusion

    If you think about reading faster, you will make an effort to pick up the pace. Reading speed is something you must work on and concentrate on until it becomes a habit.

    Being able to read and comprehend the material at high speed is a skill that is worthwhile for students and people in business. Most methods involve reading chunks of information so that you are skimming or scanning the book or document.

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    By reading more. And trying to focus on what you're reading. A lot of people who have trouble reading find that it's because they get bored with the material and think of something else, while reading, without realizing it until they're finished with the current sentence/paragraph..and end up having to read the same thing over and over. If this is you, try reading and taking notes or stopping to summarize what you've just read after each chapter.

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    The more you read, the faster you get. Keep reading whatever you can get your hands on, the more interesting for you, the better. It will improve your skills nicely. Hope this helps!!!

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    Practice, Practice, Practice!

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    Read more and often.

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