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Why female tennis players wear very short mini skirts?

Every time I saw that if Female Tennis players started wear very short mini skirts...... her bank balance starts growing....... people make dicussions over discussions...... skirt goin shorter and shorter........ the ratio between shortness of skirt and growth of bank balance is............. that......... if skirt is decreasing 1" in size the bank balance is increasing 3 times in size.......... what you think?

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    If They Don't Ware Miniiiiii --- Who Will Come To See their Matches?

    This miiiiiniiiiii Adds Glamour To Their Play

    And That Can Earn Them Money Toooo

    They Can Get Producers And Get Advertises Also From That Glamour...

    U can Better Understand What I M Going To Say

    After All You Got My Point I THink U Better

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    Very Short Mini Skirts

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    Their coaches and personal doctors can give better answers. Players do not select the designs as per situationsat will. It has nothing to do with bank balance. It may be coincidence when u r watching. Still your careful watching is open for discusion and research for many.

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    Its convenient to play tennis when you wear Miniskirts but before some 2 decades women players used to wear gown of 3/4 th size.Now only they adopted to this size.

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    Well.. firstly, its easier to move in them... Girl tennis players YEARS back, wore long skirts.. But the game has evolved and girls hit much harder, heavier, and they have to move ALOT more than before...

    And also, if you didn't know, when you play internationally there are codes to what you can wear... in some tournaments you are disqualified unless you are wearing a skirt...

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    very interesting question!!!

    Seeing them wearing short mini skirts on court is very entertaining. And I guess female tennis players are more comfortable wearing these tiny piece of garments where they can easily move around the court. Fashionably, it's an excellent choice.

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    well im a tennis player too..and i play tennis with mini skirts and u know why? cause its more comfortable for playing..and it doesnt bother u when u think of how to win the game..:)

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    its just like men wear shorts while playing so its easy and comfy to play not to get attention its a different thing if you use it to look and stick your things in should be watching the game not the girls skirts...ya supposed to be going to watch the game not the girls skirts...go to a fision show for stuff like a girl too so go and watch a dog pee and rub your self shameless as* h*le

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    female tennise players wear short skits because they used to take long steps during thre match.

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    Because it is too hard to play in a full length ball gown and tiara.

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