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BMX BIKE QUESTION IS THIS A GOOD BIKE???? 10 points to who gives me a good answer.?

OK well i started to get into ridin bmx. So i decided to buy one. I learned some easy **** like wheelies and 1 peg grinds but i wont get far in it unless i buy a bike. Tell me what u guys think about this bike. Who can cover the answer with the most details will get 10 points. I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BIKE. ALL THE BAD ALL THE GOOD AND ALL THE NORMAL.

Its a escalade 20" freestyle.


i got it at costco for 220$

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    It's hard to say what the good and bad parts of this bike are. It all depends on how serious you are about BMX.

    When I raced BMX in the early 80's my racing bike cost $950.00.

    My friends who rode freestyle for team DYNO, their bikes cost over $1,000.

    The BMX racing bike that I just built for my youngest child cost $1,500. His frame alone was $375.00

    If you just want a bike to fool around on the bike your asking about is fine. But, if you are really serious then you need to get a real bike.

    You would do this by going on line and building one from scratch, unless of course you get sponsored.

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    i have a question for you, where did you buy it and how much did it cost? please answer me, i need a bmx bike too.

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