What kinds of Cd's do you burn movies on? Do you have to have a DVD+r burner to burn a movie?

Can you burn movies with a DVD-R?

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    I recommend that you use DVD+ or - R (or RW) disks. Saving them on DVDs instead of CDs has two advantages.

    First, DVD disks can hold 5 to 12 times more data than CDs. What's good about that is you do not have to reduce the quality of the movies you are trying to keep. Just like the file size of a 7 mega pixel picture is larger than that of a lower quality 1 mega pixel picture, the smaller you make the movies, the worse the quality is gonna be, generally speaking. *** BUT IF the file size of each movie file you have is already small enough to fit into a CD, whether you use a DVD or CD disk will NOT make a difference in the quality of the movie. ***

    The second advantage of burning DVDs is that you can POTENTIALLY make them playable on a stand-alone DVD player for your TV set.


    If you decide to buy a DVD drive/DVD disks, consider the followings.

    If you just wanna save the movies to play on your computer in the future, you can buy DVD disks that are supported by your DVD drive. (There are single layer and double layer DVD disks. Some DVD drives only have single layer writing capability.)

    If you wann play those DVDs on a stand-alone DVD player, make sure that DVD disks that you choose are compatible with both the DVD drive on your computer AND the stand-alone DVD player. (DVD + or -, DVD-R or DVD-RW, etc etc.)

    In order to make DVDs playable on your stand-alone player, you have to burn MEDIA DVDs (not data DVDs). To burn media DVDs, you also need a special software (such as Nero), and this type of soft may or may not come with a DVD drive your purchase for your computer.


    I believe (please check) you cannot play movies in CDs on a stand alone DVD player. However, you can always watch them on your computer.

    If the file size of each movie is larger than 700MB or so AND you have got to use CDs, then you have two options. Making it small enough to fit in one CD OR cuting the movie file into pieces and using two or more CDs to accommodate the entire movie.

    As I mentioned earlier, reducing the file size is likely to ruin the quality of the image (and audio). If the current movie is in MPEG/MPG or VOB format, changing it to AVI format will minimize the risk of ruining the quality. AVI files are more compressed than MPEG/MPG/VOB. In some cases, you can reduce the file size to 40 to 50% of the original without a noticeable reduction in the quality. For that purpose, you have to install a video converter (soft) in order to convert a file from MPEG/VOB to AVI. Additionally, you will have to install DivX codec (free at www.divX.com) so that your computer can play AVI format files. If the files are already in AVI, you can only make them smaller at the expense of the quality.

    The 2nd option is to take the files you have, chop them into pieces and save them on separate disks. This way, you do not have to give up the current qualtiy of the movie. A video converter/editing software will allow you to do the chopping.


    Alright, you got the concept, I hope.

    So, first check how big the video files are.

    If the file size of each movie is small eough for a CD, then, don't even think about purchasing a DVD drive and/or burning a DVD disk, unless you want to play those movies on a stand alone DVD player.

    If the file sizes are small enough for CDs, and you wanna play them on TV, you have to know whether your DVD player can take CDs (I doubt it.)

    If the file sizes exceed the limit for CDs, consider whether you are willing to reduce the qualities. Keep it in mind that the standard DVD movies we can purchase and rent are about 3.5 to 4GB per hour. Reducing it to the size that fits into a CD would make the quality equivalent to videos recorded into a VHS tape.

    If the answer is yes, burn a CD as "VCD" (about 10MB/minute) or "SVCD" (20MB/minute) depending on the duration of the movie. Alternatively, you can get a video converter to turn it into an AVI file to minimize the qualtiy reduction before burning a CD.

    If the answer is no, you can either 1) get a video converter and chop up the files into pieces smaller than 700MB or so (I don' remember exactly how much a CD can hold.. ) or 2) burn a DVD.

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    You need DVD+R 's or DVD-R 's to burn an actual dvd that plays in your conventional dvd player. IT does not matter - or + . Or you can just burn the actual movie file onto a CD which does not require a DVD burner. But this can not play on your regular DVD player. So it all depends on if you want to burn a DVD or just the movie files. And yes you have to have a DVD burner to burn a dvd. A cd burner does not burn DVDs.

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    The cheapest is the CD. Its called a VCD it can be burned by a CD burner. The second is a little more expensive witch is DVD. You have to buy DVD burner for this witch cost about $50-$150. And lastly its the BLU-RAY. Its the most expensive one cost about $999-$2000 but holds longer higher quality movies. It has 50GBs-200GBs of space to burn movies on depending on witch disk you buy. You also need a BLU-RAY player to play BLU-RAYs.

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    The capacity of a CD is too small to copy a movie onto.

    With DVD, there are three formats; +, -, or both +&- The +&- DVD is usually in the format of;

    RW +&- meaning both reread & rewrite.

    Which one you should use is dependent on your DVD drive. Read you DVD Users Guide or go to the WEB page, using the model number, find out if you have a; -R, +R, or if it is both a + and - R.

    If it is both a + & - R then you can use any of the three DVD formats; -R, +R or - & +R.

    The issue is, should you wish to play your DVD in a different computer, the DVD drive has to be the same as yours unless it is both + and -R.

    You can copy video/movies onto either of the three types!

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    You an actually use any tyoe of disc that will hold the moviefile You wat to play - CD or DVD blanks. The main concern with using either is the size of files it will hold, a CD will hold abut 680Megs with space left over to frmat the disc properly, and a DVDR (Called DVD5) will hold about 4.5Gigs of data "withspace ...".

    A DOUBLE LAYER DVDR (Called DVD9) will hold about 8.5Gigs of data & is used for HD movies or movies in boith widescreen AND standard screen frmats n the same disc most of the time.

    The reason You can use any dsc You want is because the REAL trick to playing the movies back is in the abilities of the device You're going to play them back with.

    There are some very capable DVD players fr about $30 - $40 asvailable from places like Family Dollar, CVs, Etc that will actually play back movies in MPG, AVI, & VCD/SVCD formats dirctly from a data disc. There are a LOT of sites avulkablke that report which ones they are.

    Ther are also video formats like H.264 which are simply hugher resolutions of encoding but with a smaller filesize, and they;re for playing on devices like tablets & smartphones with 7" screens or bigger.

    The BEST WAY *I'VE* found is to get something like this for the $35(US) or so, and simply run it into Your TV set or VCR inputs - I use the HDMI cable option into my TV set from 2012, but could just as easily run the AV cables into my DVDR input and record from it too {- For most people that would be a VCR input}.

    I have the Micca Speck btw, & it takes a 64Gb USB flashdrive, or my SATA 250Gb harddrive with a USB-SATA aapter I got for $12.00 from Amazon with it's own power supply. You could also just plug in a $13 Amazon exdteral CDROM/DVDROM drive , which is why You can use an type of discs.




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    You can put movies on a regular cd. The quality wont be as good as with a dvd though.

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    You can also Burn movies on regular CDs that you put music on, You burn them as VCDs, but the image quality is really low.

    Its best to do it on a DVD.

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    you can burn movies to any type of disk ... you dont have to have a dvd burner to burn vcd or svcd but dvd is better ...

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    Yes you can.

    However, here's a tip.

    If you want quality DVD's, buy

    a DVD recorder. (don't waste

    money on a cheap one)

    The recorder does a much better

    job at synchronizing audio and video,

    and partitioning.

    It's faster and easier to work. You

    can also record VCR's and home

    movies, without skips,drags and

    fuzzy video.

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    I use DVD-R to burn movies, so it's possible.

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