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How does it feel to be pregnant? Is it heavy or its like a normal thing?

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    It feels wonderful to make a new life. I never felt more beautiful than when I was pregnant. Sure there were times when I felt nauseated, but it was worth it. I was glowing and so proud when I was carrying my little girl. And I only gained about 27 pounds, I didn't feel heavy. It wasn't a chore to carry her for those 9 months, it was a pleasure.

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    It really cool. Even with morning sickness and little aches and pains, it is really great. You feel a weird, warm, complete feeling and for most of the first half you are sure that you are going crazy. Then the little one moves and it so creepy and so fun. Then you start to feel kind of bloated and nothing fits well. Then you start to feel heavy but its not the same as if you had gained weight, people look at you and smile, just because of the belly. I love it. I am at 22wks with my third, this will be my last and I find myself sad at the thought of never doing this again. I have been pregnant for 24months total, and I have loved every minute of it.

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    Every pregnancy is different. It depends on where your baby lies, how much you gain, etc. I am almost 7 months, and I have been heavier before than I am now. So as far as weight goes, I am carrying it differently but it is no different than when I was this weight before as far as pressure. I really have no pain whatsoever. The fun starts when you can feel the baby kick because you can really tell there is something in your tummy that wants out. I never really noticed the feeling as my tummy grew, but I knew everytime she was in a growth spurt because my appetite went through the roof. There is some back pain due to the way your body is shaping, but it can be relieved.

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    hehe... it's a normal thing at first, then heavy at the end. It happens slowly though so you gradually get used to it. I liked being pregnant :)

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    Somewhat! I'm 26 weeks and its only heavy at night for me. I try to turn over but it feels like i have a brick in my belly. If she doesn't like what side i switch to, she kicks me there until i turn back over.

  • i cant really describe what its like to pregnant, like the first poster said it happens so slowly....that its practically impossible to say how it the end yes your belly does start to feel heavy but it happens so slowly that you cant really tell

    i too liked being pregnant.....luckily i didnt have any complications during the pregnancy(s)....therefore i was able to enjoy being prego........


    Source(s): been pregnant for a total of 18 months (19 if you count the ectopic)
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    It's heavy, awkward,you wobble. But it is delightful to feel your young one moving around.

  • I dont know and I don't care to know really. I hope I don't find out because I'm too young. I'm only 23. i know some people get pregnant WAY before that, but I still feel like I'm not ready. I don't have a husband and a secure job yet.

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