On Cruise during husbands B-day?

My entire family and family friends have been planning to go on a cruise next week....just happens that my husbands birthday (who is going) is while we are on it! What can I get/give him as a birthday present that he won't notice while packing/unpacking, etc. He got two watches for Christmas, so I can't get him another. And he's not a big jewelery guy. I plan to bring lingerie of course, but what else can be his gift?......PLEASE HELP! :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get him an excursion (ex.snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.) once you get on the ship. Sign up early.

  • any movies or books he likes? if not get something on the smallish side so you can pack it in your makeup bag...he wont look there

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