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All right. I have this very cute friend who i have a major crush on! I need some help!!?

he's pretty cute. he's fun to be around, laughs alot and is just overall a very very nice guy. AND i have a major crush on him! he should know i have a crush on him considering i cut in on him and a girl at the school dance! the only problem is he's one of my best friends and i've known him since pre-school. What i need to know is how do i know if he likes me?

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    one of the best relationships you will have is with a friend. i am in a relationship with my best friend and we've been together for 6 years now. just let him know you want to be with him and tell him how you feel . you never know , he might like you too.

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    well, watch his reaction. go up to him and be casual, ask "what does he look in a girl". u dont want to weird him out or anything, so dont be so disappointed if all the things he said about what he look in a girl is NOT U. there r a lot of fish in the sea. or u could just tell him the TRUTH. !!! ♥ GOOD ♥ Luck ♥

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    He likes you if he

    - goes out of his way to talk to you/hang out with you

    - smiles a lot around you

    - trusts you and confides in you

    - sometimes sneakily touches you, such as brushing your arm with his

    You'll just know if he likes you... you'll have a feeling! Good luck!

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    Just tell him. What's the worst that can happen? You'll still be friends, but if he likes you too ... who knows!

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    ask him, since u guys have been friends since pre-school

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    Well, If I were your friend, and you flirted with me, I would tell you if i liked you, or flirt back.

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    ask him to a movie or concert... if he says yes you have all night to find out!

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