How big of a wedding cake to feed 200 people?

I'd like a round tiered cake, but I don't know what size. Any ideas?

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    ok i own a bakery and decorate cake professionally, anyways. it depends if you want to keep the top or not. if you do then best to get 4-5 tiers if you don't plan to keep it then 3-4 would do fine. there are other components that go into it also. if you want you can check out my site it is or email me at

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    Wedding Cake For 200

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    About 4 tiers would be good. I've always wanted a large tiered wedding cake as well. But they are soo expensive these days!! I read in a wedding magazine the other day that if you want to save money ask the cake decorator to only make one layer actual cake and to make the rest out of something like styrofoam, then have them make plain sheet cakes for the guests. This way you can still cut your cake, your guests can still have the great cake, and you'll still have a large pretty wedding cake! Definitly have the cake done by a real baker. Guests can definitly tell if the cake is made by a professional.

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    How big of a wedding cake to feed 200 people?

    I'd like a round tiered cake, but I don't know what size. Any ideas?

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    The more people the cake has to feed, the bigger it has to be ... unfortunately, the bigger the cake is, the heavier it gets and the more unstable it becomes. Your best option would be to get a cake that feeds 100-150 (depending on how many tiers you were looking for) and get a sheet cake as a supplement to the tiered cake. Another option, since a lot of people don't eat cake, would be to replace the sheet cake with a dessert bar to give your guests more options than just the cake. Try mini pasteries or a candy bar with candies that match your wedding colors.

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    i deco wedding cakes and as a general rule

    16"cake will feed 75-100

    14" 60-70

    12"about 50


    8" about 25


    16" 12" 8" should do it

    but if on a budget have a deco cake then have a separate one just with icing or what ever you choose it will be cheaper the deco is what costs..... the time it take to make all the flowers bumps the price up and they are not so nice to eat any way..

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    I think that you should contact a bakery in your area to find out their prices. I also recommend that a "skilled" person cut the cake - this way you can control the size of the slices. If cost is not an issue, you can have as many layers as you want - afterall it is your wedding. If cost is a factor, I recommend a simple two layer cake (for decoration & the cake cutting ceremony) and then have sheet cakes already cut in the back and ready to be served.

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    A wedding cake to feed 200 will cost you a fortune!! My friend did this- bought a nice wedding cake for the wedding party, bride, groom, bridesmaids, etc. Then she went to Costco and bought their sheet cakes at $14.99 each for the rest of the guests. Costco cakes are very good, we love them. Sams Club probably has something similar.

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    The only time I thought that was funny was when I saw the groom smash his own face into the cake then kissed the bride while HE was all messy. It was funny & totally appropriate for that couple. My hubby knew better than to do that to me, but he still had to make a scene so he played "airplane" with the fork ... like what parents do when feeding little kids whirling it around saying "open the hatch, the airplane is coming in for a landing". I was laughing even though I wanted to kill him, but at least he didn't try to smash the cake.

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