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name calling,,,,,ouch!!!?

Hey dudes what is the worst things your girl has ever called you that really hurt your feelings? Last week I was so excited for my gf, and came fast...I don't know she got all weird and called me minuteman. what the hell? should I dump her?

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    no you shouldn't dump her. she wasn't completely satisfied so she called you a minuteman out of anger. she'll be ok . don't take it too personall!!!

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    i was once dating this hot girl, but then she accused me of liking some one else, so she calls me a man slut and slaps me in the face. what the hell? i wasn't cheating, and she is so reaterted she couldn't just make me tell the truth. what a *****

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    Maybe she said it to be funny and make you laugh and not to be mean-spirited. You took it the wrong way?

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