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Extreme cramping off and on and brown spotting? Please help!?

I will be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have been having extremely bad cramping off and on and brown (sometimes pink) spotting since I was about 5 weeks pregnant. They have gradually been getting worse as the weeks go by. About two weeks ago I was told that I have a blood clot in my uterus. My doctor never told me to stop having intercourse so my Husband and I continued to have sex. Well my doctor decided to tell me two days ago I shouldn't be having sex, two weeks after she told me I have subchorionic hematoma! I told her how bad my cramps have been (sometimes they get so bad that I get cramps in my cervix) and she just told me to call if I have heavy bleeding. This is my second pregnancy and I never had any cramping with my first. If I am miscarrying would my cramps be lasting this long without any heavy bleeding? Could we have harmed our baby by having sex? I just have a bad feeling. Sorry this is so long. I'm just worried!

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    Go to the emergency room. Odds are they will do an ultrasound and you'll be seen by a different doctor. You'll also be given more in the way of pain relief.

    Whatever happens remember that it isn't your fault.

    Go to the ER right now though, okay? And please, take care of yourself. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

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    Ok this is going to be a little long but there is more information on our message forum at if you so choose to come and join for free!

    I was seeing one gyn that did a tubal reversal surgery for me, told me to TTC immediately. I got pregnant and he immediately said it was chemical or ectopic so I had to get a methotextrate shot and then a d&c - yuck and ouch!

    I started going in more regular due to having pain, all the time pain and then irregular cycles. He said I was fine and sent me on my way. I skipped 3 days in October and then had a normal cycle in Nov {06} and then nothing in Dec, 1/1/07 DH and I tested together and were pregnant. I called him immediately and he said "no bleeding we can see you at 6 wks - made the appt ...everything was fine but I had an odor and really bad back pains. on 1/7/07 I woke up to having a miscarriage. I went into his office first thing the next morning and all he did was a sono to make sure I passed it all, I kept telling him that I did not feel well. So I made an appt with my family doc and come to find out I had PID, which is a REALLY bad bacterial infection {information on the site} and that is what made me lose the baby!

    So MY biggest suggestion to you is go into the hospital and explain to them what is going on then first thing tomorrow morning get in and see ANOTHER doctor, you actually should be considered HIGH risk and be at a perinatal center for observation!! {again more information on the board} sounds like you are losing the baby, but then again with the clot in there you just don't know for sure. Going in the hospital will help you calm down and give you assurance that YOU and the BABY will be and are ok...seeing another doctor will give you a higher chance of a safe pregnancy.

    Best wishes to you, hope to see you and hear how you make out on the board

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    take a deep breath! The doctor said everything is ok. if the cramping is really bad, go see the doctor. Make sure you let them know how bad the cramps are. It's your job to keep them updated and voice any concerns until they are resolved. Check out the link for more info, but you should let the doctors know how concerned you are and maybe they can do a better job setting your mind at ease.

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    Well first I will say call your Dr. Next Brown blood is not anything to really worry about. Its when its red that you have to be scared. now as for the cramping it maybe from having sex and the orgasm may just be making the pain a little worse. Your uterus contracts when you orgasm kinda making it feel like a Braxton Hick, and this is very normal, it can also be from your uterus stretching.

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    I'm not say you are but that's what i did with my second pregnancy and i lost the baby but it only lasted two and a half days but i was in a lot of pain go to the hospital or go to a different doctor that doctor sound a bit dodge

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    Unfortunally this has happened to me twice and both times I ended up with "empty arms" so to say. It ended in MC and an ectopic preg. So my advise would be to get checked out nad yes you can have cramps for awhile w/o bleeding during MC.

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    sounds like you need a new doctor he should have warned you of the dangers surrounding your conditions. my doctor never suggested any type of bleeding was a good sign unless it was happening arounding you period times as if a slight period was happening but your situations doesnt fit that case good luck and get other source of medical help.

  • This issue seems way more critical than to be asked on here, sorry. OMG, this sucks that your doc decided to volunteer that info so late. But i dont think you hurt your baby, probably your body!

  • i think you should go to the hospital becuz you could be having a miscarriage and dont even know it.

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