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Besides giving back massages to my paralized husband, is there anything I could do to help his pain?

My husband is paralized and he has a lot of back pain(of course) and back massaging can only go so far. He refuses to take pain medicine and I cant tend to his back 24 hrs. of the day. I would love to find something that I could use that would help ease his pain. I know there are things you sit on that massage ur back and stuff but those things can get really expensive and they also kinda hurt.

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    Yes, make an appointment with your local Chiropractor, and inform the Doctor of all your husbands pain. Request for an adjustment, and a electric impulse therapy. This process has help me for over 12 years, and I finally bought my own Century 2100 TENS Machine (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation), cost may be covered by Medical Insurance, like Medicare or I just bought my carry-on TENS machine for $39.99. I don't need anyone to assist me for application, and sometimes, I use it the whole day as my pain persists.

    My next remedy works excellent for 4-8 hours depending upon your ointment application such as BIOFREEZE, TIGER BALM or BENGAY. Rub in ointment to areas of pain and poor blood circulation and these products above relieved my severe back and neck pain without medication....GOOD LUCK

    Source(s): Personal Experience-2 major surgeries neck-fusion and lower back nerve decompression.
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    There are lidocain patches as well as the hot/cold patches. They could be an alternative to the massages.

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    give him a bj. im being serious. It can relieve pain, stress, and relax many of the muscles.

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