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What are Blue Balls?

wat are they

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    The main cause of blue balls is prolonged sexual stimulation of the erect penis that doesn't result in orgasm and ejaculation.

    During arousal in a sexually mature male, the parasympathetic nervous system decreases its inputs to the genital tissues, resulting in increased blood flow to the testicles and prostate areas. As this happens, other fluid outflow muscles constrict, causing more bodily fluid to enter the area than leave, ensuring a high enough regional blood pressure to allow a sustained erection for penetration during sexual intercourse.

    If orgasm is not achieved, blood and lymphatic fluid tend to pool, and the blood becomes oxygen deprived. The blood that is lacking oxygen turns a dark color as opposed to fully oxygenated blood which is bright red. In some men, this pooling of oxygen-starved blood may result in a bluish tint to the scrotum. It can be extremely painful, like a hit to the testicles except from the inside.

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    To be honest? It's mostly an excuse a lot of guys use to explain why they need sex.

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    well as I believe,, it is gangrene of the testicles from something like syphilis.

    but has been twisted into something like a lack of intercourse to influence the stupidest of women.

    Hey radioactive

    If blood collects outside the organs it is a bruise or hematoma my testicle are so hot,, my scrotum is always pink to rose color. and and a prolonged erect penis is called priapism.

    But if it get you laid who cares.

    it was used in '50 first dates'.

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    thats when u haven't cumm in days or weeks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it when you all horny and porbley about to do it to da gurl and then she basicly tease you; so you anit gettin none and u wanted sum.

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