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Should I get home schooled or go to regular school?

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    I am not clear on how going to school with all kids ± 3 years of your age and from the same town gives you "diversity". Most towns are segregated by race and socioeconomic level, so the schools reflect that. Add in the narrow age range for classmates and it seems very limited - not at all diverse.

    By contrast my family gets exposure to people from a broad section of society. We are not tied to the school schedule and thus are not occupied 5 days a week/6 or more hours a day, locked in with the same 40 kids every day. My children have the opportunity to explore in depth their interests, and get a broad exposure to all age ranges. Since they take classes (Chinese, for example) they are also able to experience different teaching styles and a more typical classroom environment. I am not shy about seeking out experts in different fields they are interested in for help in areas I know nothing about. In addition, they are not stuck with the bad teacher for a full year/semester/term, if instructor we hire isn't suitable, we fire them. Can't do that with unionized teachers, now can you?

    I'd look into homeschooling by reading some books, such as Teach Your Own by John Holt, Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto and The Teen-Age Liberation Handbook. .

    Good luck in making your choice.

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    HOME SCHOOLING! You learn so much easier and faster, and it is much more simple to become and stay motivated. Most of the time, Home Schoolers are ahead a grade or so, just because of the fact that they enjoy learning from the home, and have time to really focus on learning. You don't have all your friends, but then you can also sleep in later.... get snacks.... take a few breaks..... and list continues. And most of the time when you're ahead a grade, you're done with your studies before all the kids in public school are. Everyone says that they would kill themselves if they were homeschooled, but believe me when I say that homeschooling is so much better. Even if you miss out on the social part of it.

    But don't get me wrong, you have to work so hard too. Probably harder in the first months than in public school. But then in the middle and end you have more time. For everything! As long as you stay disciplined and dedicated.

    Good Luck!

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    I am so sick of seeing people say that homeschoolers do not develop socially. Have you ever noticed that this is their only argument against homeschooling.

    Now, as to your question...That depends. I spent 11 years in public school, and then I was homeschooled. I liked homeschooling better. I got done in school sooner than I otherwise would have. I had been a very shy child, but I learned how to overcome my shyness. I still have my friends from public school, but I made other friends, too. I feel comfortable talking to adults and hanging out with them. But (most of the time anyway) I feel comfortable hanging out with people my own age.

    Also, many communities have homeschooling groups, so you can still do sports, cheerleading, or other extracurricular activities that you'd want to do.

    We can't decide what is best for you. You need to decide that for yourself. I preferred homeschooling, but I know others who have hated it (but that still does not justify the homeschooling bashing).

    ADDED: I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again. It amazes me how many of these people who have never experienced homeschooling say that it's the worst thing you could do. If someone who had been homeschooled all their life commented on other forms of schooling, all of you would say that, because that person had never experience another form of schooling, they don't know what they are talking about, so their opinion does not count. You would say that they shouldn't talk about what they don't know. Maybe you should take your own advice.

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    It depends on what kind of student you are and what kind of outside social life you have. Many highly intelligent home-schooled kids suffer because they don't get the same social interaction that public/private school kids get. (Recess, Clubs, Sports, etc.) On the flip-side, some children do much better in a home environment where there are less distractions and they can learn at the best pace for their own development. It's not something that should be decided overnight. Take time to do the research of the pros and cons.

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    I think regular school is better. You get better education (unless your parents or whoever is teaching you at home is a real and certified and/or strict teacher that will push you hard) and you can also make a lot of new friends. If you are homeschooled, you probably do not get enough education (I'm not saying that it's bad, but since you get so much more free time, you probably don't wanna spend it on school work) and you will be lonely, unless you have siblings or a pet. If you go to regular school, however, you can join lots of fun clubs, make new friends, get into the honor roll (so you have something to be proud of), and more. You lose a lot of opportunities if you are homeschooled. And if you need extra assisstance and are afraid that you won't get enough attention in regular school, ask the teacher if you can stay after school for extra help or get a tutor. :)

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    Public schools are often criticized but in my opinion public schools are the way to go. A public school will allow you to be around many people who are different from you. Diversity makes society a beautiful thing. If you attend public schools you can add to the diversity of the school you attend and you can learn from the diverse people you will interact with.

    You will probably also be exposed to various teaching styles. This will help you learn what type of learner you are. Where ever you decide to receive your education best of wishes and I hope you will only compare yourself to your own potential never base your value on how you view yourself in relation to others.

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    i started to home school in the 6th grade. i like homeschooling because i don't have to waste 7 hours at school. all i do is spend a few hours on my schoolbooks then i spend the rest of my day doing what i want. and most people think that homeschoolers don't socialize enough but that's not true, i go to a home school support group all the time and i made a bunch of friends.

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    Maybe yes to one and no to the other. Which one is which?

    It depends on who you are, how old you are, etc. etc. etc. Are you a child or an adult? Are you responsible and willing to do the work?

    I'm a proponent of home-schooling. It is a wonderful avenue by which to gain a very well-rounded and profitable education.

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    personally i know people who have been home schooled and public schooled and they prefer home school. personally i have been home schooled all of my life and love it! i do maybe 2 or 3 hours of work then i get to do whatever all day. as for social life there are many home schooler groups out there who will accept you. the problem really is finding them.

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    Regular school, and when i say regular, I mean public school. Private schools and home schooling won't get you ready for the real world. I have been attending public schools since kinder garden and I love how nothing is white washed; you get what's real and you can truly see what kind of person you're going to end up. You just don't get that home schooled.

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