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I'm 27 and have a wisdom tooth that has not been removed. It cracked & now bleeds and smells. What do I do?

Back in 2003, I had a heck of a cavity in my wisdom tooth on the left side of my mouth. Its the last one in the back. It cracked & it hurt so bad, it actually bled. On top of that, my vision got blurry, I lost my hearing in the ear on that side, & I was throwing up. I went to the hospital & they gave me some really strong pain killers. I never got it taken care and after a month, the pain went away. In late 2005, it craked again, causing a lot of pain, but not as bad as before. It is now 2007. I have large open crater in the middle of the tooth. Its flesh is reddish pink. The tooth doesn't hurt anymore unless I put my finger in it or get food pieces in it. If it does hurt, its more uncomfortable then throbbing pain. If I suck anything in my mouth, it starts to bleed. It really doesn't hurt anymore. Its causing me to have bad breath. Any piece of food that gets stuck in there smells really bad when I dislodge it. If I put my finger in it, it smells too. What do I have?


This isn't a joke. I would like to get it done but yes, it is impacted. I am going through some financial issues right now and do not have the cash for an oral surgeon to pull it out. Believe me, I would have it done. I would have never let it get this far if I had the money. The oral surgeon wants more than $700 and none will finance. I have been afraid I could die from this but its been over a year now. Its never pussed or seemed to be infected. My guess is its dead or close to dead. But if its not infected now, it seems an infection may be iminent. Which is why i am seeking advice. I am very worried about it. It bleeds all the time and smells really bad and gived me very bad breath. I listerine 5 times a day to try and keep my breath at bay. I also walk around with peppermint gum. I know it has to be pulled out. I am just very concerned on what to do because the money is just not there.

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    Wow that is alot to go through. You can probably find a GP (General Practice) that will extract the tooth for you- It is imperative that you get this taken care of. You can get such a bad infection that it goes through your blood stream and will make you very sick. If the tooth starts pounding like a heartbeat then you still have the nerve alive in the tooth. It sounds as if you split the root of the teeth especially since you see gingiva growing up from the inside. A good general practice usually runs you about $225 plus the cost of an x-ray. You can swish with listerine to help break down the bacteria inside the tooth. You probably need some antibiotics to help with the infection. If you cannot go to the dental college as an emergency patient at no cost. let me know- this is who I work for and I do have financing available. best of luck to you sweetie- please take this seriously it is nothing to mess with. Your more important here than the tooth.

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    Holy crap the same EXACT thing happened to me,no joke, I waited because I am petrified of the dentist and of needles, but I'd be careful because I was told that you can die from an infection, and it sounds like that's what you have the smell is because your tooth is decaying, trust me it might not hurt now but it will rot away to the nerve and like me you will charge the oral surgeon bill on a credit card cause the pain is so intense. Suck it up and have it taken care of before its too late. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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    It depends on the person. Usually 17yrs onwards. In some persons it not at all erupts in their lifetime. Pain is normal while the eruption of wisdom tooth. U chew sugarless chewing gum with that side so that the tissue covering the tooth will be soft and pull backwards. Make ur mouth clean always. rinse warm saline water morning ang evening after brushing. U have pain take any painkiller.Confirm u ve no drug allergy. Uncomfortable pain visit ur dentist and he will remove that overlying tissue on ur tooth(oppurculectomy)(only if it is not coming off by itself).very minor procedure doing under local anesthesia.

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    I'm a nurse. It is an infection and you have to see a dentist right away. If the infection becomes septic(go into your bloodstream) it can become fatal. In the meantime I would take ibuprofen, but the appointment is necessary. Take care and all the best. You need an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.

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    Go to a biologic dentist to have it pulled. It only costs $150 here, but in the states it is much more. Getting it pulled by a regular dentist or regular oral surgeon can lead to a cavitation, though.

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    What are you waiting for?! Get to a dentist and get it pulled. You have an abscess(infection. That's what's causing the smell.There's no saving that tooth. Just get it pulled and you'll feel much better. It's a wisdom, right? You won't even miss it.

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    Well.. most people who have a cracked, painful, bleeding tooth would go to the dentist and have it removed. But that's just the 95% of people who are smart. The other 5%? Well.. they're stuck in YOUR shoes too.

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    I'd say you have a pattern and maybe no dental insurance? You could have saved a lot of money by fixing it the first time. You need this fixed and I honestly don't know why your'e asking about it at this point.

    But then, you could just be joking. It doesn't sound real to me.

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    visit your dentist and get a referral to an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed.

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