Why do people discriminate?

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    I think alot of people need to understand what it means to discriminate before they use it in a sentence. According to Webster's, to discriminate means to distinguish from or between; to draw distinctions between classes or groups of things; to choose freely. This is ironic because it is just these very things that form the foundation of our conception of having the freedom to choose or not to choose. For example, when I go out to a resteraunt I have the choice of which one to go to. When I pick out which kind of cereal to buy, it's my choice. When I watch the news, it's my choice as to whom I'll tune in to- Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. The point is, it's my choice. I'm not going to tolerate anyone telling me which resteraunt to go to, which cereal to buy, which newscast to watch. People discrminate all the time. I know that you're speaking of discrimination in a social sense. But think about this for a moment. Would you want the government to pass a law that says all black people must, three times a week, entertain white people in their homes? Or vice versa? Maybe you're black and don't want to go to a white persons home. But the government says you must- and vice versa. I know these are rather extreme examples to get a point across-especially in a country such as ours where, for some reason, skin color matters. But you cannot legislate human nature. I don't care what anybody else says. Look, I am white and because I live in a certain county that's considered to be the place where "Deliverance" was filmed, I've been politely denied jobs and have been the object of scourn and ridicule. I have been called white trash-by whites simply by reason of my geography. It doesn't matter that I'm in college majoring in Speech Communications; it doesn't matter that I served my country for five years in the army and have two Honorable discharges and numerous awards.It is ALL human nature, and for that reason alone perceptions are always going to be irrational and willfully ignorant. People who commit the discrimination you are no doubt alluding to do so to their own shame. Look at it like this: if you are a black American, look around you. Just about every black American you see has generations that have been here on American soil since shortly after our shores were landed on by the pilgrims. I'll bet if you had your family tree done, you'd find that your race has been on this soil for at least 280 years longer than 90% of all white people. And since so many white people are of the opinion that America is a "white person's" country, guess what? Are you seeing where I'm going with this? It's like saying that you're a "senior" member of the firm. Never forget that. Look on discriminator's with pity and mercy. They're simply to ignorant to realize how ignorant they are. Be morally and ethically superior to them.

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    I wish I could say people discriminate because they are ignorant or repeat what they've been taught growing up, but I've met people who have been exposed to different types of education and weren't brought up in racist environments, and yet they can have very strange or violent or racist views. I think some people are just hateful bullies or are downright evil. They want to find reasons to hate others.

    Still others are not necessarily ignorant, but are inexperienced or are incapable of getting a broad perspective since they base their views on one or two incidents that happened to them or a family member or "someone" told them about. I grew up with people in isolated rural areas like this.

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    It is learned behavior beginning with parents when they were young. It progressed to them becoming teens and adults and CHOOSING to find examples to "back up" their discriminating tirades. And discerning examples that prove them wrong as being an exception to the rule. That's called having a confirmation bias.

    Source(s): 3rd year Psychology major.
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