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Is 1500 calories daily good or bad?


I'm an 18 year old male and I'm 5'8" and weigh 200 pounds and I'm trying to lose weight.

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    Unless you are trying to lose weight, the consumption of 1,500 calories daily is not recommended for the healthy, moderately active adult. The normal caloric daily intake is from anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000, depending on how active you are, your gender, and your age. The more active you are, the more calories you should consume. If you are a male, you should consume more calories than a female should. An adult (teenage and older) should consume more calories than a older adult and an older adult should consume more calories than a child. But like I said, if you are trying to lose weight, the best way to do so would be to decrease the amount of calories you consume.

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    A woman would need 2500 calories a day and a man would need 3000 calories a day. Now if you don't excersise at all and literally sit on the couch and watch TV all day then eating 2000 calories a day is good if you eat it in good calories (wheat bread, vegetables, light ranch dressing, pasta salad.) I say two thousand calories because your body takes some of those calories to freaking live! Good Luck

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    It depends on ALOT of factors,



    whether you want to lose weight, gain or maintain,

    how active you are

    and if the calories are coming from healthy food or unhealthy.

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    good, i was told if you want to lose weight, cut down you're calories by 500 a day, so if you usually take 2000, then that's good

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    depending on your weight, and height of course, 1500 is average

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    Depends on how much you weigh, how much physical activity you get a day etc.

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    that depends entirely on your current weight and height.

    Source(s): RN
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    that's not enough info. to go on....

    Source(s): personal trainer and author of health and fitness book
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